There are a lot of app builders in the market today and it only makes it all the more difficult for online businesses to make the right choice for the best Woocommerce Mobile App Builder.

While AppPresser and AppMySite both are renowned online app creators, this article will help you make the right choice by breaking down the features of AppPresser and comparing them against the features of AppMySite. AppMySite offers some unique features that outrank AppPresser. Let us see detailed review and comparison between both.

AppPresser – Features & Review

AppPresser is an old name in the market and known for their school and church apps. However, they keep it is very unclear as to what exactly they are offering to their customers. Also, they are infamous for not being very transparent with the exact offerings. Finally, the app they offer to their customers is a simple hybrid app, which as good as opening your website on the mobile browser, in other words, mobile website in the app. Though they call it a native app but what they really offer is only a native app wrapper that presents your website inside an app. This gives your hybrid some native app-like features such as device contacts, geolocation, camera access, push notifications etc. However, to actually know what you get with AppPresser, you will have to actually make a purchase as they provide no demo or trial. Read more about this here –

Due to the nature of their offering, AppPresser becomes a well-suited offering for only coders or people from a technical background, people from non-technical backgrounds and business owners who do not have the time or money to invest in coding should not opt for AppPresser.

Finally, coming to the price, the premium plan by AppPresser costs you $599 per year for one app submission with a push notification limit to 1 million devices. This pricing formula is not very flexible and may get out of reach for smaller businesses and start-ups.

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AppMySite – Features & Comparison

Now that we’ve seen what AppPresser offers, let’s compare it with what AppMySite has to offer. While AppPresser is offering you a hybrid app for your website, AppMySite offers you a complete Premium Native Mobile App that if fully dynamic in nature. This means that these applications will be much efficient and the speed at which they operate will also be a lot faster than apps by AppPresser or any other DIY apps. Unlike AppPresser, which is providing you with a mobile website inside a native wrapper, AppMySite gives you a truly native app that enhances your customer’s experience.

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Out of all the app builder platforms available today, this is the only platform with the Most Advanced Cart Features. No matter how many products are added to the cart your app will still work smoothly. You also get offers to let your customers apply coupons while they are on their checkout screen. Your customers also get to apply filters for an easy shopping experience.

Your mobile apps are completely in-sync your website. Any changes or updates made to your website will automatically reflect on your mobile apps. You will not have to commit a change or submit an app update every time you make any modification on your website which is a very unique feature of AppMySite when compared with its competitors in the industry.

AppMySite – Features & Comparison

A feature that is very unique with AppMySite is that they allow you to integrate Payment Gateways of your choice, while many other app builders restrict you to using a payment gateway of their choice only. You can also integrate as many payment gateways as you like including international payment options, cash on delivery, wallets and credit/debit card payments. This lets you carry out completely Secure Transactions and build trust with your customers.

Another feature that AppMySite offers you that AppPresser doesn’t if the ability to fully Customise your app design, colours, look and feel of the UI. You can change the app theme colours as you like, add CMS pages & even add blogs if you like. Add and update design works for logos and splash screen. Any change that you make on any one page will automatically be reflected on all the screens of your app.

AppMySite lets your customer create their own Personalised Profiles. Your customers can view their orders, the statuses of their orders, request refund or replacement and view all other details of their shopping history.

No Coding is required with AppMySite, it is a great solution for business owners who either are not from the technical domain or do not have the time to invest in coding their mobile apps. With AppMySite, getting started as extremely simple and straightforward. You just sign up and select a plan of your choice and you are started.

AppMySite offers complete Demo to their customers for free so that they exactly know what they get. With the demo mobile apps and tutorial videos, customers can instantaneously try out the mobile app before subscribing to AppMySite. This assures users about the features beforehand and builds trust.

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Apart from this, AppMySite offers flexible pricing options that can fit in your budget very easily. They have plans for both Android and iOS users. You can either pick a monthly or a yearly subscription plan. When compared to AppPresser, for the same price of $599 per year, AppMySite offers you two mobile apps, one each for Android and iOS along with all the other features that completely outshines AppPresser. In the same price, while AppPresser only offers push notifications to 1 million devices only, AppMySite offers Unlimited Push Notifications

Additionally, AppMySite also offers monthly subscription plans that fit everyone’s budget. For only $49 & $29 per month, you are sorted. For more details click here

Final Verdict – AppPresser Alternative

While AppPresser has some good features to offer and is an old name in the industry but it doesn’t offer a lot of features for the investment that it demands. On the other hand, AppMySite easily outshines and outranks AppPresser with its innovative solution that is well suited for both big and small businesses alike. With its unique offerings and a flexible pricing plan, AppMySite becomes a clear winner here and certainly is the best alternative to AppPresser. With AppMySite you get the best bang for your buck and will certainly be an investment that you’ll be proud of.

There you go, if you are feeling a little confused while making a choice between different online app creator solutions, then you must go for AppMySite, the Best Woocommerce Mobile App Builder in the market today.

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