With rapid technological advancements in the industry and the breakthrough of mobile technology, everyone has got easy access to the internet. Worldwide mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop in 2016.

This has led to businesses launching mobile apps for their brands, which helps them capture greater markets and increase customer engagement and retention. There are multiple other benefits that brands avail when they turn their website into app, and this is especially true for e-Commerce businesses launching into the mobile market with their mobile apps.

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When we talk about e-Commerce websites, we cannot ignore WooCommerce, the ultimate platform to build e-Commerce websites. With over 75 million WooCommerce websites online, every WooCommerce business wants to convert their WooCommerce website into mobile apps.

This has led to a rise of multiple mobile app builders which this makes it very difficult for businesses to select the online app creator to build their WooCommerce native app, as this app will be the face of their brand in front of their audience.

This article will help you understand why AppMySite WooCommerce app builder is the best bet when compared with Mobikul, which is another renowned name in the industry. AppMySite offerings and features are unique that outrank Mobikul or any other online app maker today.

Let us look at a detailed review and comparison between both.

Mobikul – Features & Review

Mobilkul offers both hybrid & native mobile apps for WooCommerce websites. A business manager without technical knowledge would not be able to select a better option between hybrid and native mobile app.

This makes Mobikul a great solution for people who have a static website and will never need to make any change to their website after it is converted. However, businesses that are dynamic in nature and repeatedly need to make customisation to their website, can face challenges after signing up with this platform.

Additionally, Mobikul is offering its WooCommerce native app solutions at around 373 USD which can be another hindrance for small business owners who don’t have the budget for a long-term commitment.

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AppMySite – Features & Comparison

Now that we’ve seen an overview of Mobikul’s offerings, let’s compare it with what AppMySite WooCommerce mobile app builder has to offer. AppMySite offers a fully native mobile app that if fully dynamic in nature. These premium apps not only enhance your customer’s experience but also are completely in-sync with your website. Any modifications on your website automatically reflect on your mobile apps.

You will not have to commit a change or submit an app update every time you make any modification on your website which is a very unique feature of AppMySite when compared with its competitors in the industry.

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Out of all the online app creator platforms available today, AppMySite is the only platform with the maximum feature offerings amongst its competitors. Its advanced cart & checkout integrations make sure that no matter how many products are added to the cart your app will still work smoothly.

You also get to let your customers apply coupons while they are on their checkout screen. Your customers also get to apply filters for an easy shopping experience.

AppMySite lets you integrate the payment gateway of your choice, while many other app builder platforms restrict you to using a payment gateway of their choice only. This also includes features like international payment options, cash on delivery, wallets and credit/debit card payments. This ensures completely secure transactions that help you build trust with your customers.

Another feature that AppMySite offers you that Mobikul doesn’t if the ability to fully Customise your app design, colours, look and feel of the UI. The app theme colours can be updated as you like, add CMS pages & even add blogs if you like. Add and update design works for logos and splash screen. Any change that you make on any one page will automatically be reflected on all the screens of your app.

AppMySite lets your customers create their own personalised profiles. Your customers can access the account and view their orders, the statuses of their orders, request refund or replacement and view all other details of their shopping history.

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A feature that is unique to AppMySite is that with AppMySite app builder, even if you do not have a website, you can get your app built. With AppMySite’s integrated website builder anyone can provision a website for themselves along with their mobile apps.

AppMySite’s free app builder allows anyone to completely customize their mobile app and try and test it, that too for free. This gives the users complete control of their design and UI / UX. They can upload their own logos, colours and designs for their app, and get a real-time preview of their selections.

Lastly, AppMySite also offers flexible monthly, yearly and one-time payment plans that fits everyone’s budget. AppMySite is currently running a very attractive discount on all its plans. When compared with the pricing plans at Mobikul, you can get premium mobile apps for just $90 with AppMySite whereas you get the same plan for $373 with Mobikul.

Click here for more details on AppMySite’s pricing plan.

Final Verdict – The best alternative to Mobikul

While Mobikul has some good features to offer but it does not match the offerings of AppMySite, especially for the investment that it demands. We’ve seen above how AppMySite easily outshines and outranks Mobikul with its innovative and futuristic solution that is well suited for both big and small businesses alike.

With its unique offerings and a flexible pricing plan, AppMySite becomes a clear winner here and certainly is the best alternative to Mobikul. With AppMySite you get the best bang for your buck and will certainly be an investment that you’ll be proud of. AppMySite certainly is the best WooCommerce mobile app builder in the market today. For more details, click here to get in touch with us.