Creating a website is no more a puzzle today. But, is building a mobile app as easy too? Can you build a mobile app without having a clue about programming languages?

With the advancement of technology, many mobile app builders offer their best app building services without any coding.

The future certainly has lot more in store. However, for now, we will discuss the two most used app builders. Have a look:

App My Site and Appy Pie are two of the most popular app builders out there. These app builders are relatively building a mobile app in no time.

With both App My Site and Appy Pie, you can start with a subscription pricing plan to build an app for your business. Both have different pricing plans to fit a range of business needs. Both the tools have many features that provide a high-quality user experience.

However, if you are struggling between App My Site and Appy Pie, you are at the right place. Go through the comparative analysis listed below and choose wisely.

We will help you review their features, pricing and other details that makes them unique. Let us take the comparative tour –

Appy Pie – Apps for Everyone

Launched in the year 2014, Appy Pie has delivered about 2 million apps. In fact, the company calls itself ‘the fastest growing cloud-based mobile app builder software’. You must be wondering how this app maker manages to take such a big slice of app builders’ market.

In a quick glance, know the two most important reasons behind their success.

First, they offer a free version and claim that you can integrate impressive features and promising services. It tends to support a ton of features like CRM and Augmented Reality.

However, if we are speaking of reality, we have seen that these features are deceptive. While the site is good enough for building a basic app, for having more advanced features, you have to rely on third-party solutions and pre-made templates that are far from remarkable.

You must be wondering if it is worth creating your mobile app with them. We have listed Appy Pie’s pros and cons below to help you sail through it:

Appy Pie – Pros

1. Ease of use:

Appy Pie offers user-friendly and easy-to-use app building platform. You can click on ‘pages’ to enable certain functions within the app. If you want to have a basic app, you can create it in minutes. Moreover, you can build the app and preview a basic version of it from their web page, without signing into the account.

2. Features: 

Appy Pie also gives you the option to add a significant number of features or pages for your app. These features are listed under categories viz., Social, Commerce, Contact, and Information. Most of them can be added directly, but the ones that are left need to be added through third-party integration.

3. E-commerce and Marketing: 

With Appy Pie, you can easily create an in-app store, or link it to the existing store on many platforms, like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and more. They also offer members’ cards and loyalty programs. Along with these marketing tools, Appy Pie also provides analytics of the app.

Appy Pie – Cons

1. Advanced features: 

Appy Pie claims that you can build an app at par like Uber or Tinder. This is plain theory. In reality, you will need to integrate your app with external third-party developers. Google Firebase, PubNub, GrubHub, or Vuforia come as a surprise as external mobile app developers. In addition, some of these external services are expensive. Users availing these services from Appy Pie might feel duped.

2. Design and Flexibility:

Appy Pie uses a bit dated template (s). All the published apps of Appy Pie tend to look the same. You can only tweak a few things like the background images and layout options, but cannot go beyond this.

3. Poor UX:

The user experience with Appy Pie mobile apps is frustrating. They have made loads of efforts with their tutorials, but one can still be left with tons of questions while building an app with Appy Pie.

Now that you know the pros and cons of Appy Pie in terms of features, let’s go through their pricing plans –

Appy Pie – Pricing

$29/app/month        Basic (Ad-Free Experience)

  • Supports Progressive Web Apps and Android platforms only
  • No premium feature
  • Unlimited app editing
  • 5000 push notifications
  • Customer support through e-mails only
  • Appy Pie branding

$57/app/month       Gold (Best Value)

  • Supports Progressive Web Apps, Android, and Apple platforms
  • Premium features
  • Unlimited app editing
  • 25000 push notifications
  • Customer support through e-mails, chat and call
  • Appy Pie branding

$85/app/month        Platinum (Most Popular)

  • Supports Progressive Web Apps and Android platforms only
  • No premium features
  • Unlimited app editing
  • 5000 push notifications
  • Customer support through e-mails only
  • No Appy Pie branding

What we like: Appy Pie offers interesting niche features as well as many integrations that are good to use.

Needs improvement: Appy Pie proposes poorly designed icons and templates. Mobile apps appear as an amateur and become unresponsive at times.

App My Site – A Feast of Features

Launched in the year 2018, App My Site is the simplest, fastest and most efficient online app creator for your existing e-commerce website. App My Site offers e-commerce solutions for online businesses to engage in new and returning customers by building a versatile mobile app.

It has published around 30,000+ mobile apps built on a variety of platforms. Also, it has solutions for all leading CMS websites and e-commerce platforms. Besides helping businesses to expand their reach through a mobile app, it also creates seamless, aesthetic, and intelligent mobile applications to make these businesses future-ready.

App My Site offers advanced features and believes in changing the way people create an app from the website.

Are you willing to take that opportunity? Turn your website into an app with the native mobile app builder to ensure that you do not lose your potential customers and lag your competitors.

Here’s a sneak peek of what App My Site offers to industries to evolve their businesses. Let’s get started –

App My Site – Features

1. Free app-building:

With App My Site, you can build a mobile app free for your business with ample features to increase your customer engagement.

2. No coding required:

With App My Site, you can create an app without any coding or technical skill. Anyone can convert their WooCommerce website to a mobile app with this tool.

3. Flexible subscription plans:

App My Site offers flexible pricing plans and easy subscription models that do not burn a hole in your pocket.

4. Quick app delivery:

One of the most exceptional features is quick delivery of mobile apps. App My Site delivers fully-functional and thoroughly tested mobile apps in no time.

5. Appealing native apps:

App My Site builds WooCommerce native apps for both Android and iOS operating environments to give customers a premium experience and to meet their satisfaction.

6. Social media integration:

App My Site allows businesses to integrate their social media handles into the mobile app to promote their brand extensively.

7. Multi-platform support:

A WooCommerce mobile app builder supports multi-platform operation to convert your website into native apps for both Android or iOS.

8. Smart search filters:

App My Site features smart filters and intelligent sort and search options. These options enable users to find relevant products in the app.

9. Layered navigation:

With a smart user interface having well-planned navigation, you will have a user-friendly purchase and browsing environment in your mobile apps

10. Content management system:

You can add as much information about your business, or publish blogs as you want on your website to engage customers.

11. Safe and secure transactions:

App My Site incorporates a seamless integration of payment gateways in your app to enable users to make safe and secure transactions.

12. Completely in-sync with your website:

Mobile apps built with App My Site are a complete reflection of your website. It simply means that whenever you add or delete something from your website’s backend, it will reflect in the app in real-time.

13. Unlimited push notifications:

By building your apps with App My Site, you can reach your target audience with easy-to-send notifications. You can send infinite personalized push notifications and enhance your customer engagement to the business.

14. Other premium features:

While creating an app, you will get a wide range of features, such as in-app purchase, push notifications, payment gateway integration and much more.

Level up your business with mobile apps built with App My Site. Let us study the App My Site pricing plan:

App My Site – Pricing 

$70/app/year      For Android apps (Best Value)

  • Native, responsive, and fast-loading Android app
  • Sign-in with social media enabled
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Layered navigation
  • Complete sync with your store
  • Safe and secure transactions
  • Customer support through e-mails, chats, and calls
  • Quick app delivery time
  • No App My Site branding

 $70/app/year      For iOS apps (Best Value)

  • Native, responsive, and fast-loading Android app
  • Sign-in with social media enabled
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Layered navigation
  • Complete sync with your store
  • Safe and secure transactions
  • Customer support through e-mails, chats, and calls
  • Quick app delivery time
  • No App My Site branding

 $90/app/year     For both Android and iOS apps (Most Popular)

  • Native, responsive, and fast-loading Android app
  • Sign-in with social media enabled
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Layered navigation
  • Complete sync with your store
  • Safe and secure transactions
  • Customer support through e-mails, chats,
  • and calls
  • Quick app delivery time
  • No App My Site branding

What we like: App My Site is the best mobile app builder for WooCommerce and WordPress and is coming up for more, like Magento, Shopify and so on.

To sum up

We have seen that Appy Pie offers decent basic features for an app. With its easy-to-use platform, you can even create an app in minutes. That is quite impressive, but in particular, if you want to create an advanced in-app store for your business, Appy Pie fails.

Appy Pie’s app editor does its job if you are happy with mobile app’s dated designs. Also, if you are searching for the finest-looking app designs and templates, Appy Pie is not for you. Similarly, some UX choices of Appy Pie do not make sense in app-building. For instance, if you have to edit certain settings in the app, you will be unable to do that.

While Appy Pie has introduced video tutorials on how to build apps using their platform, one should still be cautious while creating a mobile app with them. This app builder makes a lot of promises, but one cannot create the next Uber, Airbnb, or Tinder, as promised by them.

Appy Pie is an old name in the industry, but it doesn’t offer a lot of features to implement directly to the app. One needs to deal with third-party integration for that. Also, these features are not worthy enough to invest hundreds of dollars for building an app with Appy Pie.

We would like to suggest that they should concentrate on fewer features, instead of adding new ones all the time.

Contrary to its competitor, App My Site is a simple yet efficient online app maker. It helps you build native mobile apps for both Android or iOS platforms. Use App My Site and elevate your business to outperform your competitors. All the CMS websites and e-commerce platforms can make their mobile app with App My Site’s advanced mobile app builder solution within a few days.

App My Site can be your best bet for building a mobile app for FREE. It is one of the rare app builders that let you build your app for free. Whether it is a web app, an Android app, or an app for iOS, it suits all.

With unique features and shoestring pricing plans, App My Site is a clear winner here and certainly the best alternative to Appy Pie.

Still confused? Go through the differences between Appy Pie and App My Site again, and make a choice of the best WooCommerce mobile app builder that helps you stimulate your business towards progress.

Convert your WooCommerce website to a premium native mobile app and get exclusive features integrated into it.

To know more about mobile app building with App My Site, drop us a line or query at our ‘Contact Us’ page today!