The emergence of mobile applications has become a boon for businesses. Apps have revamped and advanced the world of technology, communication and m-commerce. Every business that is flourishing or is willing to flourish, is getting an app built to widen the reach of its products. If you tell stories and earn your living by providing infotainment through a website, a WordPress Mobile App Builder can amplify the reach of your creativity amidst your audiences. You can also convert your WooCommerce website to mobile app and win a greater number of buyers. Stay tuned and discover more about the best mobile app builder tool available online.

Why build an app with a DIY tool?

There was a time when building an app was a Herculean task and an extravagant affair. With the commencement of DIY mobile app builder tools, the need of expert coders and developers eliminated. Traditional methods of app building also required a lot of time. But, with the tools available online, the process has become more feasible and saves time and money.

However, it is important to find an efficient alternative as many tools are incapable of building a professional app and fail to deliver what they promise. Here, we are comparatively analysing two most popular platforms that offer app building solutions. This study will help you in finding the best native mobile app builder for your website.

AppMySite and BuildFire – The two players 

The market has plenty of DIY app builder tools, but only few can actually perform. AppMySite and BuildFire are two of the best app building tools available online.

Almost half a decade old, AppMySite has been in the market for quite sometime now. In this span of time, it has made a considerable mark in the market. With numerous happy customers and users across the globe, AppMySite is appealing more people with its maverick features and allegiance to customers.

BuildFire, on the contrary, has been in the run since a longer period of time. It offers many software solutions and app building is one of them. BuildFire is less like a tool and more like a service provider that caters to customers’ needs.

As we proceed, let’s discuss about the viable features of both the tools.

BuildFire v/s AppMySite – An insight

BuildFire – App building is one of the many solutions that BuildFire offers. In terms of mobile app development, it offers two options. A user can build an app himself or get BuildFire to make one. Although, it offers versatility in terms of the process of app building, the very purpose of finding a DIY tool is lost.

The website reads that the ‘build it yourself’ option is best for people who are well versed with website building templates and HTML &/or CSS. This implies, that it is not fit for a beginner who wants to build an app with little knowledge of the software and tools.

AppMySite – Unlike BuildFire, AppMySite provides more easy, absolute and crisp solution. It talks only about building a native WooCommerce app or WordPress app and delivers.

It is way less confusing and easier to build an app with AppMySite as the customer has clarity about the process. It does not ask for specific skills in users to build an app. ANYONE with basic knowledge of tech, can build an app with AppMySite.

Features to Behold

Website Interface

The BuildFire website is bulky, complex and information mongering. The customer might have to open many pages and go through unnecessary details before actually getting what he wants. 

However, AppMySite takes you to the app building process without much ado. The interface of the website is user-friendly and convenient. 

Customer Support

AppMySite customer support feature is a winning deal. Unlike BuildFire, that makes the process confusing with many questions unanswered, AppMySite offers ample support to customers. 

A friendly approach from the other end can ease your process and building a mobile app can become a cakewalk. AppMySite understands this and extends support through e-mails, chats and calls. 

Additional Perks

 BuildFire limits its perks and advanced solutions to other app building options that require help from their experts. However, AppMySite has no such opacity. 

Many features like free native app building and demonstration, social media integration, advance design and flexibility, multi-platform support, content management system, secure transactions, payment gateway integration, free push notifications and additional purchase options come in handy with AppMySite.

User Experience

As a website owner, one builds apps for customers and their experience matters. While apps built with BuildFire are good from e-commerce perspective, they lack the detailing. 

AppMySite builds apps that have unmatchable features and ease your users’ experience. The apps are intuitive and have a real-time sync feature with a supportive user interface. 


The apps built with AppMySite have cross platform product menu. It is easy to publish an app with AppMySite. One can also analyse the user statistics on their AppMySite dashboard and use it to steer growth. 

With the Add-on features of AppMySite, customers can promote their apps on stores and be ahead of their competitors. BuildFire is confined and solely dedicated to the mechanism of app-building. But, AppMySite has a wider approach for long term customer satisfaction.


The pricing plan of a DIY app builder should be affordable to serve the very purpose of it. A heavy, or unclear pricing plan is bound to turn off customers and make them bounce off. 

BuildFire has multiple app building options and complex pricing plans that can lead to confusion and hence result in a costly affair. 

However, the pricing plans of AppMySite are affordable, flexible and transparent. You just need to choose your platform and subscription plan according to your needs and proceed to publish the app.

CODA – Final Word of Wisdom

In this comparative analysis of the two most popular DIY app building tools, we have delved deep into the study of features. In conclusion, we can say that BuildFire has a versatile and varied approach towards building app for its customers. However, due to lack of coherence and clarity, it can become bewildering. 

On the contrary, AppMySite offers a focused and streamlined solution as a DIY mobile app builder. It is equally suitable for beginners and for people who are tech-savvy. 

We have listed the salient features of AppMySite and Buildfire that can help you in choosing the best. If you are in pursuit of a dedicated platform that curates exactly what you want, AppMySite can be more helpful. Choose the native mobile app builder that offers a holistic solution to your app building needs.