Boost your app downloads with social media marketing

Boost your app downloads with social media marketing

Mobile apps are redefining eCommerce and other spheres and influencing lives globally. With billions of mobile phone users in the world and millions of apps on the app stores, mobile apps are shaping the functioning of our daily activities.

With efficient DIY app builder tools like AppMySite, you can make your own app effortlessly, in a flexible budget. While eCommerce stores opt for WooCommerce mobile apps, bloggers can create a WordPress app for Android & iOS users.

However, just building an app for your store is not enough. You should have a smart post-launch strategy to ensure good number of downloads to enhance your app ranking and visibility on stores.

Social Media can play a significant role in accomplishing this feat. Read and discover, how you can make the most of your Social Media Marketing campaigns to boost the reach and success of your app.

Social Media: The most powerful tool of marketing

The power of social media

Social Media has emerged as the most powerful tool amidst all the technical advancements around the globe. All brands and businesses are actively harnessing this potential to expand their reach and turn the netizens into consumers with effective and creative marketing strategies. 

The following factors related to Social Media strengthen the success of a business:

  • There were around 3.2 billion Social Media users in 2019 and the number is constantly growing
  • Millennials are the largest online consumers of products and are highly active on Social Media
  • Studies show that users spend most of their casual internet surfing time on Social Media
  • 73% of online marketers agree that social media marketing has been effective for their business growth
  • More than 2 billion businesses are already using Facebook for promoting their brand
  • Social Media Platforms are developing customised options for ease of doing business
  • Social Media advertisements are highly beneficial and usually cost less than the conventional options
  • Social Media presence increases your online visibility and expands your market reach 

Unlock infinite opportunities with a smart strategy

Social media strategy is important

Social Media Marketing, when strategized well, can highly benefit your brand and increase your revenue. It can also help in boosting the rank, reach and visibility of your mobile app for your online store.

Before you proceed to create an app with a WooCommerce or WordPress app builder tool, devise a strong strategy. It will help you in harnessing the full potential of your resources & your investment and also strengthen your road to ROI (Return on Investment.)

Follow the tips discussed below to make the most of your Social Media Marketing:

1) Get an app builder with Social Media integration feature:

Subscribe to an affordable native app maker that comes with a builder-friendly platform. Ensure it has all necessary features, including social media integration. It will help in further simplifying your work.

2) Carry out ample market research:

Research is important to save time and resources. Identify your marketing goals, scope, target audience and also fathom your budget. Ideate your strategies considering all the important factors.

3) Plan your campaigns creatively:

Hire executives who can bring creativity to the table. Even if you are working independently, put your creative skills to work as you proceed to design campaigns for your products, brand or app promotion.

4) Create interactive & trending content:

Align your content according to the on-going trends as it hooks your consumers the most. The content should also be interactive and talk directly to your users. 

5) Personalize the advertisements, posts & comments:

You can choose to interact with all your customers or target specific ones, at a time. Customize the advertisements, posts, messages and comments by keeping your targeted audience in mind. 

6) Analyze the feedback:

Social Media helps in getting immediate feedback for your campaigns. Take every feedback in good spirit and address as many concerns as possible. Analyze the available data to set new business goals.

7) Reward consumers for referrals & advocacy:

Organize campaigns where you reward your existing consumers for referring your brand in their circle. This will promote publicity & advocacy and help you build a trustworthy bond with your customers.

Make most of the relevant platforms

Make most of Social Media platforms

The world of Social Media is expanding more and more every day. It is also turning more amusing, thereby unlocking many opportunities. The different platforms are evolving themselves to cater to the need of various audiences. 

The different platforms have special tools and offerings for businesses. Know how you should plan your approach separately for each platform:

1) Facebook: You can create a brand page and also create several communities. Share compelling posts with good content and vibrant images. Do not just focus on brand promotion. Share company stories, wish people on festivals and update content according to trends.

2) Twitter: Align your posts as per the sociopolitical trends around the globe. Generate relevant content, create polls and allow people to interact with your brand with hashtags.

3) Instagram: It is the best platform for influencer marketing. Connect with celebrities and ask them to post pictures with your products. Build trust and generate social proof for your brand to earn the attention of users.

4) YouTube: Videos captivate the buyers and compel them to engage with you. Upload videos here and share it to other platforms. Implement video marketing techniques for best results.

5) Others: Do not limit yourself only to the platforms discussed above. Use other popular platforms like LinkedIn, TikTok and expand more as per your scope and abilities.

You can also interlink the different platforms to amalgamate the content and user base. Also, keep learning from your competitors and other heavy weights of the industry. But, always proceed with an original and innovative strategy of your own.

Act now to reap early

Start social media marketing now

By now, you are certainly aware of the benefits of Social Media Marketing and the various aspects related to it. Now, is the most fruitful time to make the most of this tool and get an advantage over your competitors.

If you still don’t have an app that can woo social media users to your brand, then create one soon. Contact AppMySite to make your own app with exquisite features and strengthen your journey to success.

Create push notification campaigns that every app need

Create push notification campaigns that every app need

Push notifications are emerging as one of the best brand based communication and marketing tools. If you have built your app using an app builder online, you would have also added the feature of push notifications to it. 

Push notifications allow you to reach your target audience. Delivering them timely with relevant information, helps in engaging your users with your brand. Also, leveraging personalization and geolocation within push notifications can bring your brand closer to your app users. 

Additionally, these notifications increase conversions, build users’ loyalty, and eventually boost your ROI (return on investment) by generating revenue.

You can create push notification campaigns and give your business an edge over others. These campaigns are the ultimate user-engagement tool. From getting a new user on-board to nurturing your relationship with your app’s most loyal users, these campaigns help you in earning trust for your brand.

If, however, you are not sure from where to start, this article is your answer. Here are the push notification campaigns, every business should set up: 

The Welcome Campaign

If you send a welcome message to your new app user, it gives you the first opportunity to set the tone of future communication with the user. 

You should ask yourself: What should be included in the message to grab immediate attention, and what should a new user achieve on their second visit. 

However, if you have created a shopping app, you should consider welcoming new users with a special offer or discount that drives users to make their first purchase. 

Remember, your goal is to ensure that the user keeps returning to your app.

The Re-targeting Campaign

The re-targeting campaigns is another push notification campaign that is essential for every business. These campaigns usually re-target users who have not yet completed specific in-app actions. 

With push notifications that focus on content, you can bring disengaged users back to your mobile app, and acquire conversions. Also, such campaigns remind high-intent users to complete a specific action. This action can be about encouraging them to return to the shopping cart they abandoned.

Eventually, you need to segment push messages as per the past in-app behaviour and conversion intent. It will not only help you increase app usage but also boost user lifetime value (LTV) with the brand.

The Re-engage Lapsed Users’ Campaign

Some app users download an app and are active for a couple of months. However, the usage of the app gradually decreases and goes idle. 

In this respect, a well-planned, proactive push notification campaign that targets lapsed users can be beneficial. This campaign further helps in keeping users tied your app. 

With this campaign, you can target those users who are at risk of becoming inactive. Push notifications may spark their curiosity and get them back to the app.

Moreover, you can even personalize these push notifications in line with users’ past behaviour, preferences, or purchase history. 

The Location-based Campaign

As the utilization of mobile phones is increasing, it gives an unique opportunity to businesses to reach their users anywhere and everywhere, and increase app engagement. 

A mobile app bridges the gap between the digital and real-world by targeting users according to their areas. For example, geo-targeting is used for local promotions, events, and more. 

You can use location-based marketing for users with whom you have developed a relationship. However, if you send location-based messages to inactive users or those who do not open your general push notifications, it could backfire and lead to deletion of the app. Go for a better strategy to avoid this blunder.

The strategy that only targets users who have engaged with a specific piece of content or may have performed a specific in-app action is perfect. In simple words, you should aim for building real relationships with your users, depending on your business. 

The Reward Campaigns

Regardless of the type of app you have, user-engagement is necessary to make the most of it. However, you should not forget about app retention. 

Push notifications can help you build users’ loyalty towards your app, and prohibit them from deleting the app. After you get a conversion, send your users a thank you message that will add value to your brand. 

For instance: You are in the travel sector, and a user has recently booked a flight. In that case, you can send them a message with a discount, an exclusive offer, or even a link to suggested content. This will help you engage them better.

Additionally, you can go out of your way to thank your customers by giving them more reasons to use your app. This will pay off in terms of user retention and enhance life time brand value.

Final words

Apply these ideas and tricks to engage mobile users on the go.

With these push notification campaigns, you can engage your users, retain them and draw them back to the app, if you have lost them. 

Build an app with WooCommerce mobile app builder, like AppMySite, for an added feature of push notifications. With this feature, you can easily complement your app with push notification campaigns to connect with your active, inactive, as well as lapsed users.

March ahead and grow your business with us!

Ways to promote your mobile app from your mobile website

Ways to promote your mobile app from your mobile website

Businesses who think of building apps often wonder how they will attract users to it. In this article, we will discuss various ways to promote an app to your target market. The objective is get quality users to download your app and use it.

With websites, you can do good search engine optimization to make your website noticeable among users searching for your products and services on search engines, but apps require more than just SEO and social media marketing.

Apps rely on both potential and existing customers of your business for their success. Here are a few ways in which you can promote your mobile app from your mobile website and other marketing channels:

Build a quality app

First and foremost, you need to build an app that is of good quality and works smoothly. If you already have a website, you can make your own app with AppMySite in a few weeks. AppMySite allows you to build an app on a shoestring budget and, at the same time, offers high-quality development and design services.

They have a two-step process to build an app. Firstly, you need to submit your website’s URL, and lastly, you need to subscribe to a plan to build an Android, iOS or both Android and iOS apps for your website. AppMySite helps build stellar apps that work with efficiency.

Get quality customer reviews

You can post about your app on social media review exchange pages and groups and collect genuine reviews on your app. It is important to have your app tested by regular users and get their feedback on its quality and utility. With such reviews, you can not only work on improving your app, but can also get some visibility on the internet.

You can also invite your website users to download and use your app. Such users can be prompted to leave app reviews. With a lot of quality reviews on your app store pages, you can easily work on promoting your app among potential users.

Get a stellar review on a popular website

One great way to gain prominence in your industry is to enlist the services of a blog or website that writes reviews about products and software in your industry. Such websites and blogs have a high customer base and hence the content they publish is read by a large audience. You can identify the websites and blogs that can get you the right exposure.

There are both sponsored and unpaid opportunities to publish a write-up or review about your app on such websites. You can find a genuine avenue that will not only get you a lot of exposure but will also give your app the right quality of promotion among potential users.

Prompt website users to download app

You can also prompt your existing website users to download your app. Especially, the users who access your website from mobile devices can be prompted to get a better browsing experience on accessing your products or services through your app. This method is one of the easiest way to ensure that you get more app users.

Your website users have already established their liking for your products or content, and when they face inconvenience in accessing your website through a mobile phone, they are encouraged to download your app to get a smoother experience every time.

Place download app buttons/banners

You can also place a download app button or banner on your website to inform your website users that you have an app for users who prefer using mobile devices to access the platform. This is an easy and cost-effective way to convert your website users into mobile users. Mobile app users are more likely to revisit you in future.

You can also have a Share App button on the website, son that your existing users can share the app download page with their peers and social media contacts. You can also place well-designed banners highlighting the benefits of your app on your website.

Give app-exclusive offers

You can also promote your app among your existing users by launching offers and discounts that are exclusively available on your mobile apps. Some businesses also offer incentives to download and use apps for the first time. This initial cost of enrolling users on the app is included in the marketing cost and can reap great returns for a good app.

A few offers that businesses offer on their mobile apps are cash backs, download reward points, free services, etc. Some companies also offer some attractive and popular content, products and services exclusively on their mobile apps, so that customers are encouraged to download and use the app.


Online ads

Another way to get app downloads and registrations is to run online ads on search engines, popular websites and social media channels. These ads can be effective in reaching the right audience for your business. To start, you can identify your target audience and define their age, location, interests, etc.

After defining the audience, you can set up ads and define ad budgets for different ad channels. You can distribute your budget among all the relevant channels and test which one gets you the best ROI. Analyze the result of your ad design, message and channels and optimize them to get better results.

Influencer marketing

Another very effective way to get the right exposure for your mobile app is to promote them through industry influencers. You can identify influencers whose audience matches yours. Selected influencers should have a high follower base, so that you can reach a large base of potential customers with a few posts.

After influencer identification, discuss the themes of posts that these influencers can publish through various channels to influence more and more users to download and use your app. Non-celebrity influencers have proved to get better results than celebrity influencers, as non-celebrity influencers sound more genuine.

The above points show how you can promote your app through your mobile website and other channels. You can identify the channels that will get you the right exposure and ROI and then focus on them with the right media, content and audience set, so that you get the best results.

The first step for you will be to build a quality website. If you have a website on WordPress, then you can convert your WordPress site to a mobile app with AppMySite’s two-step process. You can do the same for your Woocommerce websites, too.

AppMySite helps you make your own app in an easy, time-efficient and cost-effective way.

Using interstitial prompts and notifications to increase user engagement

Using interstitial prompts and notifications to increase user engagement

In an age where attention spans are continually shrinking, it is important to aggressively encourage customers to stay on your online store. Since customers are usually just one notification or text away from abandoning your app or website, the significance of wooing them back cannot be emphasised enough. However, interstitial prompts and notifications can help solve this challenge by helping sustain user interest and engagement. These are the special pages and prompts that appear at a specific junction in the app; for instance, when a user is about to close the app, delete a product order, abandon the order placement process, or make an irreversible change to their profile. In this post, we will discuss a few ways in which interstitial pages and notifications can be used for maintaining, and even increasing, user engagement. Furthermore, we will also discuss an e-commerce website into a mobile app using a simple Mobile App Builder for WooCommerce

Minimal Text

The most important factor to make interstitial notifications work in your favour is to keep them short, simple, and to-the-point. Studies have shown that the shorter a message, the more likely customers are to read it and engage with it. If done right, effective prompts and notifications can prolong the active time spent on the app and enhance user engagement significantly. As a rule of thumb, the notification shouldn’t be more than two sentences or 20 words long, and should end in a definitive yes/no question. For instance, when a customer is about to close the app, prompts like ‘This is a limited period offer. Are you sure you want to exit?’ or ‘Did you find what you were looking for?’ can be displayed.

Striking Illustrations and Animation

Since the interstitial app page is occupying a greater part of the screen, the text needs to be supported with suitable visual elements as well. Therefore, in addition to the text, ample attention needs to be paid on the visual aspect of the notification. Ideally, the notification must grab customer attention without being restrictive and should incorporate at least one illustration to compliment the text. You can also use a suitable image to support the text, but remember to use one or two illustrations or images only, as too many visual can prove to be distracting.   The colour scheme must be in alignment with the overall brand identity and app design, and prompt must be programmed to appear only when the customer is about to exit the page.

Reinforcing CTA

CTA and command buttons are another critical part of the notification and interstitial page because eventually. The entire weight of the purpose of these prompts falls on appropriately and prominently placed CTA buttons, as they eventually help in retaining customers. Thus, in order to re-engage users effectively, these commands need to be seamless, simple, and intuitive. The CTA button, which is typically placed, towards the bottom of the notification prompt should provide a clear response to the question asked in the text – tick and cross; yes and no; allow and don’t allow – and be clearly legible. If the purpose of the prompt is to redirect the customer to another page or app, the same should be placed clearly in the centre of the screen.


All apps have screens and pages that have a high user retention rate – or a point where customers tend to be distracted and exit the app. While it is important to analyse these pain-points and fix them timely, you cannot afford to lose your audience while a designer and developer remedy the issue. What’s more, mobile apps built with a Mobile App Builder for WooCommerce are harder to redesign and recode. However, by analysing customer behaviour, interstitial pages and prompts can be placed strategically to reduce customer attrition. These can serve as a simple and cost-effective solution to existing design or UI/UX issues in mobile apps, and can also be used to promote offers, sales, and discounts. 

To undertake the above activities, not only a lot of manpower is required, but also a lot of effort and time is expended.

In this fast-moving and competitive world, it is essential for businesses to create a foolproof and effective app in no time. One way is to hire freelancers or an in-house team to build the app, but that takes a lot of time.

The other, and the most efficient, way is to take services of service providers like AppMySite, which require only your e-commerce website address and account keys to create native apps for iOS and Android.

With their superior value plans, you can make your own app that is well-developed, designed and tested for your shoppers.

You don’t even have to worry about publishing your app on app stores, as AppMySite takes care of all that for you to quickly and cost-effectively launch you mobile apps in the market to compete and grow.

Influence customer purchase behaviour by building a mobile app

Influence customer purchase behaviour by building a mobile app

Businesses often find innovative ways to influence the behaviour of their customers. These methods, however, sometimes prove to be very expensive.

Businesses strive to find ways in which they can accomplish their revenue growth objectives without increasing their sales and marketing costs substantially. One way to achieve business targets in a cost-effective manner is to build a shopping app for existing and new users.

You can use an Android or iPhone app builder to build shopping apps for popular app platforms, and engage customers in innovative and effective ways.

Apps can be used by businesses to understand and mould customer behaviour in various ways. Native apps have advanced features that help you use functionalities of mobile devices to achieve business goals.

Here are a few ways in which you can use a mobile app to influence customer purchase behaviour:

Innovating marketing methods

Mobile apps offer you efficient ways of marketing. You can send discount coupon codes, cash backs, special offers and other offers to customers through your apps. As customer who download your apps are showing an intent to purchase with you for a long time, you can incentivize all customers to shop through your app, so that you are able to retain more and more customers.

You can use various native app features to learn about your customers’ behaviour, locations and preferences to create effective marketing campaigns.


You can collect valuable customer browsing data on your app to create re-marketing campaigns that will ensure that your conversion rate is high. You can use the data collected by your app to remind your customers to get back to their abandoned carts. You can also offer incentives to customers to complete an order in a time-bound manner.

Many companies capture browsing data of users, and later show them similar or same products through push notifications or in the app, to motivate them to purchase the said products.


Community and peer highlights

Many apps capture data about contacts of customers and show them activities undertaken by their social media friends or people in their contact lists. This influences customers to look at or purchase products their peers have purchased. Friends and family can highly influence the purchase decision of a customer.

Companies can also highlight the products popular among a certain online or offline community. This strategy encourages customers who identify with that community to show interest in the promoted products.

Product recommendations

After studying user browsing and purchase data over a short or long time period, you can show product recommendations to users. This encourages them to visit your app more often. This can even motivate users purchase to the recommended products. You can show product recommendations at prime locations in your app, during checkout, or in the ‘recommended items’ section.

You can offer discounts or incentives to customers to purchase products that you think might interest them. This will help you maximize a customer’s lifetime value by enlarging their purchase baskets, every time they purchase with you.

Intuitive and planned app flow

To influence customers to take desired actions on your app, you can plan your app well. Design the flow of your app in a way that the customers follow a charted path to place orders with you. This not only helps eliminate confusion for users while selecting products, but also makes it easy for them to complete their orders in an efficient manner.

An intuitive designed app can increase your revenue by many folds, as customers appreciate a purchase experience that is systematic and yet offers a good amount of choice. For example, Dominoes apps offer a step-by-step process of selecting location, pizzas, toppings, and additional items, making payment and tracking delivery.


Influential product categories

You can highlight a few influential product categories in your app to attract customers to visit your app more often or purchase more products with you. One way to do this is to create a seasonal lookbook that may attract your customers time and again to check what’s new in the current season.

You can also enrol some influencers to create a product list as per their choice and expertise. This will influence customers who follow those industry or other influencers to browse through the highlighted product category or purchase products listed there.

In-cart suggestions

One amazing way to influence and encourage customers to purchase more through you is to give complementary product suggestions to users while they are in the cart, ready to checkout. At this point, if you make relevant product recommendations to customers based on the products that might complement their selected items, then you stand a good chance to increase their product basket.

As your product recommendations during checkout become more and more relevant with time, you will increase your chances of influencing customers to buy more. Use app features efficiently to make product addition seamless and easy, while users remain in the cart.

Leverage native app features

You can use various native app features that make use of functionalities of mobile devices, to send messages and product recommendations to users to influence their behaviour. Geo-fencing can be used to send location-based discounts and offers to customers to encourage them to purchase more while they are in a certain location.

You can use other features like contact syncing, mobile wallet integration, face and fingerprint recognition and social media integration to mould and influence customer behaviour.

Loyalty and referral programs

You can create loyalty programs that are offered through your apps. This will encourage users to download your app, which will give you all the above opportunities to influence your customers. Nevertheless, loyalty programs are themselves very effective in encouraging customers to purchase with you more often.

You can also reward loyal and satisfied customers to refer new users to the app. This will help you increase your customer base. Apps make it easy for users and businesses to track and use loyalty and referral rewards.


Apps help you collect user data like contact information, browsing data, Wish lists of customers, products abandoned in carts, influencing factors, effectiveness of different marketing activities, etc. This data can be used to tweak products, pricing, app features, marketing campaigns, etc., so that customer behaviour can be influenced in the most effective manner.      

Data and its analytics are powerful tools available to businesses. They help understand customers and find opportunities where businesses can influence their customers to make more purchases.

Besides the above influencing points, mobile devices are, by default, preferred by users these days to make purchases, as they are convenient to use and make it easy for users to make payments and save receipts. This ease of use of mobile apps influence customers, too.

Therefore, it is sensible for online businesses to create an app to increase and tap opportunities to gain customers, grow revenue, engage customers, and increase chances to sell more.

If you already have a WordPress of woocommerce website, then you can use a Mobile App Builder for Wordpress and Woocomerce to easily build an app to influence your customers to engage with your content and purchase with you for a long time.

Mobile app marketing: Making your mobile app a hit

Mobile app marketing: Making your mobile app a hit

The secret to a successful mobile app lies in its simple design, intuitiveness, and effective marketing. With the evolution and democratisation of technology, creating a mobile app from scratch has become a child’s play – but the marketing of the same is still a challenging and complex process. In this post we will suggest a few critical ways in which you can promote and market your mobile app. Plus, we will also discuss a simple way in which you can turn your WordPress site into a mobile app so that you can single-handedly focus on marketing it.

App store information

The description of your app in the app store, the categories and key-words targeted, the favourability of the user rating and reviews, and if there are ample screenshots displaying prominent features and uses of the app – all of these factors contribute significantly to how your mobile app is viewed upon by new and potential users. All of these are critical as your app will have just a few seconds to make a remarkable first impression. Remember, there are virtually countless apps vying for the user’s attention and the need to stand out from the crowd is indispensable.

Promotional offers

If you are a product or a service based organisation, and want your existing users to move to the mobile app, you can run targeted campaigns and promotional offers that provide additional savings or discounts through the mobile app. This will popularise the app among your existing base and acquaint them with a new way of interacting with your brand. Thus, after you Turn WordPress Site Into App, consider a limited period marketing campaign that incentivises your customers to use the mobile app.

Tutorials and demos

In addition to the aforementioned screenshots, creating a series of tutorial videos and images to show new users how your app works, demonstrating prominent features, and highlighting premium functionalities is a great way to get new users to use your app. In addition to the app store, you can promote these tutorials and demos through social media channels as well. However, make sure that the production and design quality of the video and images is top-notch. An added advantage is that making such videos and designs usually does not incur a very high cost and they can be created on strict deadlines as well.

Expert reviews

Finally, you can also opt for third-party bloggers, shoppers, and tech experts to review your mobile app and share it across their networks. This is one of the easiest ways to get noticed by potential users in relevant communities. However, in order for this approach to work as expected, you will have to provide the reviewer with autonomy so that the review is objective and fair. Do not mistake this to be a ‘paid endorsement’ by the reviewer, but an assessment of your app. By using an expert mobile app builder, like AppMySite, to Turn WordPress Site Into App, you won’t have to think twice before submitting your app for a review.

As it must have been amply clear by now, building an app for your website is only half the battle. The other half entails marketing it strategically. However, using an intelligent app creator for building the app can help you focus on popularising it amongst users and ensuring that it is promoted in relevant circles. Thus, choosing an easy and cost-effective mobile app builder significantly simplifies the task of creating mobile apps and helps you in promoting it effectively. To know more about how you can create a powerful native app for your website, get in touch with AppMySite today.

How to Get Existing Customers to Install Your New App

How to Get Existing Customers to Install Your New App

The fact that an exclusive app is essential for your online business is old news. But, using an expert WooCommerce Mobile App Builder to create an engaging and sophisticated mobile app for your online store is only half the battle won; the other half entails getting your customers, existing and new, to actually use the app. Let us discuss a few strategies to get existing customers to install and use your new app:


Offer ‘App-Only’ Discounts

This is one of the oldest and most popular tricks in the book; in order to familiarise customers with a new product/service (your new mobile app) you need to explicitly incentivise them until using the said product/service comes naturally to them. Discounts and offers that can be availed only through an app can be rolled out and the same can be prominently mentioned on your website. Customers shopping through an app will also provide you with better insights into their purchase choices and behaviour.

Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Existing businesses can target their customers on social media platforms and run advertising and promotional campaigns that highlight the benefits of shopping through the new app. Similarly, you can also tap into another emerging form of promotion – influencer marketing – and get local and relevant influencers to endorse your app. You can either hire an outside agency to execute these campaigns for you or, if possible, build an in-house team to do the same. An important component of this is creating an engaging demo video and attaching relevant screenshots, which is discussed below.


Use Your Website

A mobile-optimised and responsive website is a valuable tool to promote your app to mobile visitors and users. Simply inserting interstitial prompts and notifications (that link to your app on the app store) at strategic places for mobile visitors of your website can get customers and visitors to install the app. For instance, you can display the ‘Open in App’ prompt every time a new screen is opened. Similarly, the aforementioned ‘app-only’ discounts can be offered to users when they try to place an order through the website on their mobile.

Demo Video and Screenshots

Creating an engaging video to inform customers of the features, benefits, and uses of your mobile app is essential. There are several free tools that can help you create a powerful demo video, even if you have budget constraints. In addition to serving as an introduction to your mobile app, the demo video can reinforce your business values and communicate the direction your business is taking. Similarly, screenshots can be used in addition to the demo video to give customers a glimpse of the app and its features.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can also deploy several other innovative customer engagement strategies to incentivise existing and new customers to use your mobile app. But, at the end of the day, if your app isn’t engaging or enticing enough, these strategies won’t come to your aid. The foundation to successfully help your customers migrate from desktop to mobile is, thus, a powerful and engaging mobile application. AppMySite is a leading WooCommerce Mobile App Builder that can help you build a dynamic native app for your existing online store, for both, iOS and Android. To know more about how your business can benefit from AppMySite, get in touch with us today!

How Online Stores and Businesses Can Benefit from Push Notifications

How Online Stores and Businesses Can Benefit from Push Notifications

In today’s volatile and disruptive business environment, it is essential to deploy new-age tools and strategies to stay agile. The advent of digital processes and technologies in the business world has pretty much re-written almost every conventional rule there is. Today, online stores and businesses are thriving alongside brick and mortar stores and using modern technologies to their maximum potential. The humble mobile application, for instance, is being used to engage customers and sustain business growth. Let’s take a look at how existing stores and retail websites can use a Mobile App Builder for WooCommerce and benefit from push notifications.


Increase User Interactions

Push notifications have shown to help retain users and shoppers. Since they are able to immediately attract and retain user attention, push notifications are being used by several kinds of apps to improve user interaction. For instance, online stores and retailers are making the most of push notifications to rollout latest offers to their customers. Additionally, by serving as a direct, trusted, and authentic source of information, mobile apps remove gatekeepers of information and interact directly with their end-users.

Re-Engage Inactive Users

In addition to increasing user interaction by improving retention of existing app users, push notifications can help re-engage users that have reduced their interaction with the app or have stopped using it altogether. While using attractive ‘welcome-back’ promotions and discounts is a common practice in the retail industry, push notifications help in communicating this message directly and instantly to end-users and shoppers. A variety of apps (like shopping, news, health, games, and instant messaging) use push notifications to reach out to inactive users and re-engage them.


Track User Behaviour

If done right, push notifications can help app owners and online retailers learn valuable insights on user behaviour. An analytic tracking and reporting system can help determine which messages elicit the maximum response, at which time the interaction is the highest, and which device owners are most likely to respond to promotions. Using an expert Mobile App Builder for WooCommerce to create a native application, businesses can track the delivery, opening, and engagement of the push notifications, app owners can bolster their products, services, and marketing.

Target Relevant Users

Push notifications can also be sent to users and shoppers based on geographical locations, demographics, or order history. This is done in order to target users with relevant information, promotions, and offers. Not only does this increase the chances of a customer interacting with the app and redeeming an offer or voucher, but also improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. App owners can make the most of user insights obtained using push notifications and effectively personalise communications and promotions for relevant audiences.

Push notifications have created a new channel of user engagement and interaction. This has forced traditional marketing and communication strategies to innovate accordingly and engage app users with timely reminders and prompts in the form of push notifications. If you manage an online store, a native mobile application can help you effectively engage your customers and reach more shoppers. AppMySite is an easy-to-use Mobile App Builder for WooCommerce that can help you create a native, feature-rich, and secure mobile app for your existing WooCommerce website. Do get in touch with us to know more about how your online business can benefit from a powerful and engaging mobile application.

Looking for Ways to Keep Your Customers Engaged?

Looking for Ways to Keep Your Customers Engaged?

The best way to engage your customers in this fast paced world is by simply staying connected to them at all times. If you are not, you are probably losing business from a major chunk of clients. Businesses who constantly stay in touch with their clients by sending them promotional messages, remind customers of their very existence. However, flooding the inbox of the customers through repeated sale reminders can often irritate them, eventually leading to loss in sales. It is very important to keep a right balance between staying in touch with the customer and intruding into their personal space. While it’s imperative to keep the customer engaged, frustrating them by upselling your products and services can do more harm than good to your business.

Mobile apps are working wonderfully for businesses, helping them maintain a right sense of balance between motivating a customer and annoying them. Here’s a list of few things that you can follow to win customer loyalty:

Taking Feedback From Customers

The easiest way of staying in touch with your customer is to always take a feedback from them after they’ve shopped from your store. This way, you can let your customers know that you care about how their experience was and also help you asses your performance as a business.

Your existing customers are a key to sustain your business, because retaining a customer is considerably easier than acquiring a new one. Grabbing the feedback from your existing customers will help you analyse your area of improvement and also enable you to offer them better services in future.

If you own a dedicated app for your business, taking a feedback is relatively simpler. Customers normally dodge feedback form that they receive on their emails or text messages. A simple pop up from your app to rate their experience is quite effortless.

Rewarding Customers For Sharing Their Personal Info

Going after your target audience and collecting their personal information can be quite tricky. Most business struggle with channelizing their attention in the right direction to retain their customers. This process can be simplified if you can, in some way, convince your customers to provide you with their personal information.

The best way to carry out the process of convincing customers to release their personal information is by rewarding them generously. Obviously customer hesitate in handing out their personal information to businesses, not if they benefit from doing so.

However, collecting information through a mobile app makes the entire process comparatively less painful. You can simply ask customers to fill out their information at the time of registration and form a good database.

Involving Customers in Your Business

If your customers are constantly made to believe that their experience and their feedback of your services and products matter to you, they will certainly feel like a part of your team. Additionally, a great way of involving your customers into your business is by promoting their interest.

For instance: if your customer is a business owner and has launched a product, promoting it on your business social pages will strengthen their trust in you.

You can go with an App Builder Online to build a dedicated app for your business and send push notification to your customers whenever you post their product on your social media. This is great way to make them a part of your business family.

Using the Correct Marketing Tools

To ensure you are targeting the right audience, you must ensure that you go after the marketing tools that your target audience interacts most with. Spending more doesn’t always assure success, investing funds in the correct direction does.

Mobile apps have unpredictably gained more popularity in the last two years and has been flourishing ever since. Small and large businesses can both count on apps for marketing the products and services of their business.

The most personalised way of marketing your business and reaching out to your target audience is going for a dedicated app, to help your business sustain and grow substantially.

App My Site is a wonderful tool that is helping businesses build their native apps that can help your businesses grow significantly. If you are looking for an App Builder Online to convert your website into a mobile application, get in touch with App My Site today.

Building Customer Loyalty with Apps for WooCommerce: Best Practices

Building Customer Loyalty with Apps for WooCommerce: Best Practices

Mobile apps today are a gateway for online businesses to discover, interact, engage, and retain customers. Research undertaken by Appentive shows that nearly two-thirds of the companies that have witnessed a decline in customer loyalty over the last one year do not have a mobile app. As a matter of fact, several online businesses have an app-first or an app-only model, as online shopping is increasingly becoming synonymous with mobile shopping. In this context, it is important to streamline your loyalty practices and strategies to suit the smaller screen. Thankfully, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel, as long as you are aware of the following overarching trends while developing an App for WooCommerce store:


Simple and Intuitive App

There’s no point building an App for WooCommerce store if it isn’t engaging, seamless, and responsive. Customers usually browse through m-commerce apps on-the-go, and hence, it would be ideal that your app can work seamlessly without the internet as well. Thus, you need an intuitive and easy-to-use native app for your online store that serves as an extension to your existing website. To build a native app for your WooCommerce store, make sure you approach trusted app builders, like App My Site, for the best results. Experts at App My Site pay special attention to the design and interface of the mobile app and deliver a fully-functional native app within a week.

Personalised Shopping Experience

Since a mobile application can engage customers and collect relevant information about them, personalising the shopping experience for them comes easily. Based on their engagement and order history, apps can display products that they are most likely to find interesting. Furthermore, apps can send relevant tips, recommendations, and suggestions depending on the user. Combining the data collected while your customers engage with the apps with the data on their taste and preferences can enrich your business with valuable insight on how to grow your business.

Special Rewards and Offers

Mobile apps make it easier to manage customer reward points and loyalty. By integrating the two, you can offer your loyal customers a seamless shopping experience and boost your marketing strategies. You can offer special deals and discounts to frequent customers to increase their affinity for your business. Additionally, you can use push notifications to instantly communicate limited-period offers, flash sales, and special promotions to select customers. This also increases the chances of reengaging dormant customers that have not engaged with your recently.


Customer Feedback and Suggestions

Mobile apps can help you collect critical customer feedback and suggestions, and also make customers feel more valued and connected to your brand. As a matter of fact, your most loyal customers can help you test new products and provide with authentic opinions and suggestions. What’s more, you can offer reward points or a small gift as a token of appreciation to your customers for providing earnest feedback. Furthermore, as customers review your app on various app stores, your brand gains more credibility and visibility at no extra cost!

In today’s disruptive and volatile business environment, a dynamic, engaging, and powerful native app is essential to stand out from the crowd. If you too want to build an App for WooCommerce store, get in touch with App My Site and know more about the many benefits of having a mobile app for your website.