Progressive web app or a native app – what to create?

Progressive web app or a native app – what to create?

Today, the mobile industry is going full force towards progressive web apps and feels that native technology is left behind. However, this is true to a certain degree. 

Contrary to progressive web apps, there are undeniable benefits of a native app that PWA cannot offer. 

If you are hesitating between creating a native app or a progressive web app, this post is meant to describe the significant differences between the two clearly. 

Else, if you want to turn your website into an app, AppMySite can help you make an educated decision

Here are the differences:

1. App functionality

On iOS:

Progressive web apps work on iOS. However, their functionality is not as supportive as on Android. 

For instance, Apple recently shifted its supporting Service Workers in safari. This shift is a significant improvement that opened the doors to lots of previously lacking functionality, such as the ability to work offline. 

The ability to receive web push notifications is another big miss, which can be a deal-breaker for many people out there. 

You can communicate with your users via SMS as an alternative. But, if your project requires push notifications, you should definitely go for a native app. 

On Android:

The integration of both apps, PWA, or native on Android is good. Besides push notifications, there are some other advantages as well, that is incomparable with iOS.  

However, Android couldn’t make the home screen installation process easier in progressive web apps. It simply means as soon as the user visits the PWA, they are immediately prompted to install the app on their home screen for quick access. 

While a PWA can also be installed on the home screen of an iOS, the user doesn’t receive any indication about this option, or instructions on how to do it.

Service Workers eventually work in all browsers running on an Android, whereas iOS users can only get benefits from them using Safari.

2. Geo-location features

Both PWA and native apps offer the same features, except the functionality of geo fences and beacons. However, these two features are unfortunately supported on progressive web apps. 

Geofences and beacons are usually used for location-based notifications. 

PWAs on Android gives you an option to send push notifications based on targeted criteria. In contrast to PWAs, Native apps on Android helps you to communicate with your users at a specific time and place. 

3. App discoverability 

If your business is not well-known yet, search engine optimization (SEO) serves as a valuable tool. SEO helps your potential users to find out about your business. 

When it comes to PWA, you can take advantage of SEO as these apps are found from search engine queries. For native apps, App Store Optimization (ASO) works well, and brings valuable traffic to the app. 

4. Efforts required to access the app 

You need to consider a few points while launching an app, that is: how your potential users believe in your app and how your content encourages users to put time and effort into your app.

For instance, you own a restaurant and its app. Also, the primary purpose of your app is to display a menu and take reservations. Do you think your potential users will download such an app? They will probably do a quick search engine query to avoid wasting time and storage space. 

A progressive web app can work great for returning customers who are likely to do a quick search engine query to avoid wasting time and storage space. However, if we talk about WooCommerce native app, users won’t hesitate to spend their time and storage.

On the same lines, if you are still figuring out on how to get an estimate on your audience’s behavioural patterns, a PWA can be an excellent way to test the waters before you dive in and miss out on your prospective users. 

5. Amplification

While progressive web apps are easy to discover, the opportunity for amplification is great on the native app. 

If your app gets featured in the search results of the store, you will have a chance to gain a massive amount of user-attention instantly. Moreover, this fame is not equivalent to 15 minutes in the world of progressive web apps.

6. Device discrimination

If you go for building a native app via WooCommerce mobile app builder, it will limit your audience for a simple reason. Moreover, this reason can only be confined to using two standard types of mobile devices, Android or iOS. 

Existing mobile users are shrinking or switching though. Windows and Blackberry users are forgone as well as desktop users are also ignored. 

However, PWA runs in a browser, and it ensures that individuals who browse the internet can have the opportunity to reach your content.

7. Bureaucracy

Lastly, if you want to publish a native app, you need to undergo and comply with third-party regulations, reviews, and fees. Also, while you publish your app on the app store, you will need to pass their standards in terms of design, quality, code, and content. 

Most importantly, if your content in your app is not in line with the store’s image or culture, app stores can refuse to publish your app. 

Content plays an important role in your app’s future, as well. Simply put, if you try to make an update to your mobile app and somebody doesn’t agree with it, you are prone to getting hacked from app stores at any time. 

Additionally, publishing an app on app stores require fees. Contrary to app stores, if you publish your app on the web, creating developer accounts and registration fees do not exist.

The ending notes

The clear winner here in terms of cost- and the hassle-free app is Progressive Web App. However, if you want to offer a premium experience to your customers, you can build a native app using a mobile app builder, like AppMySite.

If you are still confused, deciding which app you should go for, visit AppMySite. It can help you build both the apps at a nominal cost. 

Explore the salient features of AppMySite WooCommerce App Builder

Explore the salient features of AppMySite WooCommerce App Builder

The intricate and technical process of building an app can become a cakewalk with the right assistance. The salient features of AppMySite are designed to help you convert website into an app in the most seamless way possible. Businesses are now enhancing their online presence by converting their WooCommerce website into app. It is the features of their apps and the ease of usability that makes them stand out. Read and find out how you can make the best use of a mobile app builder for WooCommerce.

Versatile WooCommerce App builder 

Best mobile app builder

AppMySite WooCommerce app builder is a versatile and pocket friendly alternative to all the app builder services available online. It covers all the necessary features required to build an app from the website. You can easily get your app for android and iOS without dealing with the nuances of coding. Building a mobile app from WooCommerce website had never been this easy.

When looking for the perfect app maker, ease and quality should be the priority. AppMySite WooCommerce app builder service assures quick delivery and consumer-friendly experience. The enviable features cover a wide range of areas. These features make AppMySite the wholesome solution one requires to convert website into app

Economical Pricing Plan that assures value for money

Mobile app builder

Budget is the first ladder, when scaling the journey of an app building. It is important to find an economical alternative that does not dig a hole in your pocket. The pricing plan of AppMySite has been made with great precision.

The packaging encompasses all the features that help you build an outperforming app. All this is done at rates that do not make it an extravagance. You can easily choose a yearly plan or opt for a lifetime plan and relax.

Build a native WooCommerce app and scale from scratch to sky

Native app builder

AppMySite offers native app building solution. It means that your app has more features and is more convenient to use. Native apps have multiple advantages over Hybrid and Mobile Web Apps. 

Native apps are built from scratch and are developed according to the operating system.

Native WooCommerce apps outperform the other two options. They have a considerable higher performance efficiency and add to your credibility. AppMySite is your most suitable aid if you are looking for a budget friendly native WooCommerce app builder.

Real-time sync with website for immediate upgrade

WooCommerce app builder

In this era of internet revolution, being real-time is a necessity. AppMySite understands its importance and offers real-time sync feature for apps. It means that any change made on the website will instantaneously reflect on your app. All the updates regarding products, offers etc., get updated on the app parallelly. It makes your app collaborative of the website and thus enhances the performance.

Real-time sync keeps your app up to date. This feature allows your customers to enjoy a hassle-free experience when exploring the app. Get your app built by AppMySite and don’t let them miss out on any feature, offer or product. 

Engaging User Interface keeps consumers tied to app

Best native app builder

Ever wondered why few apps keep you engaged for longer time and make you come back every time? It is the interface that makes an app alluring and easy to use. The interaction of the customer with the app depends upon the interface. A user-friendly interface ensures that customers engage more with the app and spend quality time on the app. 

Apps built by AppMySite have a visual and aesthetic appeal. The elements that appear on the screen are easy on the senses and offer an enriching experience. 

Social Login enabled for personalized experience

Turn website into app

Apps with social login feature appear to be more dynamic and are easier to use. AppMySite incorporates the feature of social login to simplify the process of login for costumers. They can use their social media accounts to log in to the app. 

It is tedious for new users to create a new account for every platform they want to use. AppMySite ensures that your customers don’t feel the same. In turn, the information received by you is often more credible and authentic. This helps you in gathering genuine data for user analysis. By using existing login credentials, the app makes the process easier for the customers.

Cross platform product menu that widens the options

The debate between mobile users about android and iOS is unending. However, you can have an app that allows any user to avail your services. AppMySite ensures that your products reach a wider consumer base irrespective of their operating environments.

Apps built by AppMySite can work on different platforms or operating environments. The apps suit both android and iOS environment and the data is customized accordingly.

Cross platform product menu widens the options and expands your user bank. 

Smart Product Searching & Sorting for smart shopping

When shopping online, the field is vast and there are numerous options available. Filtering products and choosing the best can be a herculean task. The e-commerce app should be capable of guiding the customer itself. 

The apps made by AppMySite act like a smart shopper and help you choose what you want. The product searching and sorting feature is smart and easy to use. It helps the costumers achieve desired results and buy the best products for yourself and your loved ones. 

Intuitive and fast, it is the brainy alternative

WooCommerce mobile app builder

The app is as smart as your phone and helps you by doing most of the things itself. Your customers are using apps as going to shopping and ransacking the favourite counter is a task.

The app built by AppMySite works intuitively to make the experience breezy and easy. With little inputs from the customers, the app will be capable of getting them the best. 

Efficient check out cart that steers happiness 

Best WooCommerce app builder

Shopping is like buying happiness! But, with AppMySite, shopping also brings ease and satisfaction. With our efficient check out cart, the products are aligned and stored well. The cart full of your products is sure to steer your customers’ happiness in the right direction. 

Paying is playing, with multiple options at the payment gateway

App builder

The more, the Merrier! Allow your costumers to buy happiness in ways they want to. Apps built by AppMySite incorporate multiple payment options. It makes your app competitive, desirable and user friendly. 

Integration of multiple payment options caters to the varied needs and suitability of your customers. Adding multiple options can enhance the experience of your users. This helps in growth of your revenue and customer satisfaction. 

AppMySite makes app publishing easy

Best mobile app builder

When aiming to convert website into app, publishing is a concern. However, with AppMySite it is easy to publish an app and to optimize it to a great extent. Publishing app is easy and seamless here. 

It can easily be made available across multiple platforms. The easier the publication, the faster and more viable the distribution can be. The apps can then easily be downloaded, installed and used to the customer’s satisfaction. 

Study your consumer strength with app user analytics

Best mobile app builder

As they say, in the age of information technology, data is the winner. Studying the performance of your business through the app can help you move in the right direction. It can improve your business and brand reputation.

It is significant to study and analyse the app users to have a hold amidst them. When you convert your WooCommerce website into app with AppMySite, you can study your user strength and scrutinize it. The app user analytics helps you analyse your users. Use the tools to improve your brand’s listening ability and grow your revenue.  

Use the best Mobile app builder for WooCommerce

It is important to understand the need of your customers and the scope of your brand. This will help you in building the best app for your e-commerce website.

So, build mobile app for your e-commerce website without much ado. Fetch the best mobile app builder for WooCommerce website and get the job done. 


Let’s Build: A WooCommerce native app in 5 days

Let’s Build: A WooCommerce native app in 5 days

Creating a WooCommerce mobile app doesn’t always mean that you have to invest an exorbitant amount of fund or energy in getting professional developers on board. 

A great alternative to building a native mobile app in a much lesser time can be done if you decide to convert WooCommerce website to mobile app. You can simply go with an app builder to make a mobile app within days of signing up. 

Currently, native app development is probably the most reliable platform to create a mobile app for your business. Businesses prefer building apps on this platform because they are more efficient and are created from scratch, unlike hybrid and web view apps. 

App My Site is great tool that helps create a robust native app for WooCommerce in a matter of 5 days of signing up on the website. The apps delivered through AMS are well constructed and thoroughly tested. 

Have a look at the two-step process for building your mobile application: 

Turn website into app in two easy steps: 

Creating a mobile app is as simple as buying a pair of denims online. Since this platform is not DIY, you can be assured of receiving a professional app that is developed by a team of developers by converting your website into an app. 

All you have to do is visit the website to finalize a plan that suits your requirements the best. You can choose to build a WooCommerce Android app, iOS app, or both, from a monthly or a yearly plan. Both the plans come with the same set of services, including creation of the app along with its maintenance, with significant saving opportunity in the yearly plan.  

Once you sign up with a relevant plan, you can simply fill out a form that will include a detailed description of your website which can then be handed over for a mobile app to be built within 5 days. 

You can create your account with a secret password and fill out your basic information, such as your billing address and website URL to get started immediately. Your personal account will henceforth be used for managing and tracking the development and maintenance of your app. Additionally, you will be able to renew the subscription of your mobile app through this account. 

The dynamic account will allow you to add or delete the products you want to continue with in the future. Payment can be done from multiple payments gateways such as PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card or Net banking. 

The second step revolves around submitting the details of your website by filling up a form that the team will send you right after you sign up. The app created will use the banner images and logo of your website, which can certainly be changed if you desire so. 

The entire process will be completed within 5 days and your app will be ready and fully operational for your customers to start using. 

Read here to know how mobile apps are made simpler with App My Site 

Three-step process we follow

Instantly after you have shared all the details of your e-commerce website, App My Site will follow three easy steps to curate your shopping mobile application. 

Building the app is carried out after you hand over the CS/CK (account specific) keys. The team then extracts all the data from your website to create a mobile application on a native platform. The application made after we turn website into app, is an imitation of your e-commerce site

The second step involves testing the app thoroughly on both automated and manual platform to check if all the features of your app are working perfectly. Since the app is created on a native platform, we make sure that the app uses complete efficiency of the device it is run on. Once the development, design and testing team is satisfied with the efficiency and the look of the app, it is delivered to ensure your customers interact with a seamless application. 

The third step starts only after the app receives your blessings. If you are happy with the look and feel of your app, you can take the help of our support team to publish the app yourself or have it published. You can choose to go with an add-on plan to optimize the content of your mobile app which is a one-time investment. This services empowers businesses to rank on the relevant searches of the app store. 

Your app will be live within 5 days of signing up, after which your customers can simply download it and start buying from it. 

Amazing features of your WooCommerce mobile app

Robust native apps 

Like we said, native apps are amongst the strongest compared to any apps you will come across. The best part of building apps through this platform is that your app will fully utilize the features and efficiency of your device to perform better and offer a seamless customer experience. These apps are not only faster but are quick in adapting changes made to your website. 

Intuitive filter and search options

If your website consists of innumerable products, there is a possibility that your customers will be unable to find a particular item they are looking for. In situations like these, it is very important for e-commerce website to have smart search and filter option where customers can find their products easily. Your app will be equipped with search and filter option to make it more user-friendly. 

Seamless checkout experience

Offer a smooth shopping experience to your customer by allowing them to add several products in their cart, which will allow them to take a quick look of the products within the cart. The shopping app that you build will also come with multiple payment options for a secure transaction, including debit card, credit card, net banking, multiple wallet integration, cash on delivery and PayPal. 

Dynamic Dashboard 

Every time you make a change to your website, it will automatically be updated on your mobile app too. This means that your dashboard will populate itself when you add or remove products on your website. Additionally, you can change images and content of any product on your website that will also be changed on your app. This feature not only helps in saving the maintenance cost and time but also offers a unified version of the app. 

Personalized customer screen

Give your customers a personalized account and profile which they can make changes to any time they want. This feature will help your users change or add billing address, contact details, profile pictures and more. Here, you can enable customers to also have a look at the detailed history and logs of the orders they have purchased with you before. Your previous customer data will also be reflected in the app. 

Ending note 

The process to convert WooCommerce website to mobile is easy and takes much lesser time than the normal app development. App My Site offers turning your website into an app within 5 days of signing up within a very small budget. 

View the WooCommerce page to find the most frequently asked question, the pricing of the plans and the features of the app that you will get. 

Manage your WooCommerce mobile app with non-technical background

Manage your WooCommerce mobile app with non-technical background

It is not important for entrepreneurs to be technically sound, irrespective of the nature of the business they own. To run a business successfully, we are only required to have great ideas and implementation skills.

Speaking of how dominative mobile apps have become in this day and age, often business owners find themselves struggling with the idea of managing there WooCommerce mobile app all by themselves.

If you are from a non-technical background, let’s look at how you can go about creating and managing you mobile app yourself:

Building an app

Choose a platform that you would like to go with. If you have an enormous budget, you can obviously go with app development companies, to build a tailored-made solution that meets your requirement.

If not, then its best to go with WooCommerce app builder that works really well for businesses who have a website. Take a look at App My Site app builder, to build an app that will be an imitation of your e-commerce website.

The cost of building your mobile app will not dig a hole in your pocket and the time frame will be extremely reasonable.

Build and Maintain your app

Maintaining your app

Now, the biggest problem that businesses face after getting an app built is bearing hefty charges of maintaining it, even if it is for minor changes every once in a while. This can certainly be very damaging for your entire monthly budget.

However, if you go with building an app from App My Site, every time you make changes to your website, they will be reflected on your mobile app. Your mobile app will be in real time sync with your website along with a dashboard that will dynamically populate.

The categories and sub categories of your website will also be dynamically updated on your app. This way, you can do away with hiring or setting up a development team to maintain your app.

Upgrading the app

Since your app will be in complete sync with your website, there will hardly ever be a need to manage it for upgradation.

In case an issue does arise, you can always reach out to the customer support to get it fixed. The subscription that covers the charges of building your app will also include resolving the problems.

This way, you not only save a lot of money while building your app but also to maintain it. Even if you are from a non-technical background, there will never arise a need to maintain or manage your app.

On an ending note, you will always need smart ideas to get things done  and to make a significant difference to your business. The revelation is that most business owners in this world are not technically trained to deal with their website, apps and other software that gets them going on a daily basis.

If you are too, looking for a reliable solution to instantly build your WooCommerce app in the most affordable manner, simply reach out to App My Site and build excellence. 

Reach us on to know more.

Choosing the best platform for creating your WooCommerce native app

Choosing the best platform for creating your WooCommerce native app

Entrepreneurs are not expected to know how the development of mobile application works. As an owner of a business, you are only expected to know the trend of the market and how to grow your business. Having said that, it is important for every business owner to open up to all options available and go with the best one.

The best method of building a mobile application will depend on the timeline, the budget and model around which your business evolves. While some businesses are looking to create WooCommerce Android app, there are some businesses that only want to go with iOS apps for their business.

The world is moving towards m-commerce and experiencing a significant increase in their revenue just by building an app. Owning to the popularity of the apps, there is no reason for you to be stuck with a wrong platform of developing an app that can make your business or break it.

Let’s talk about the different platforms that you can go with to build an app:

1. Build an app yourself


Customer Engagement

Simply put, you can take up the DIY challenge and build an app for your business yourself. To initiate the process of developing an app, you will have to take up an online course or training from an experienced app developer to acquire programming knowledge.

The intensity of the training will depend on how complex the structure of your app will be. It is quite possible that you will have to keep yourself updated with the language, keeping in mind technology advancements.

Mostly, businesses with an extremely low budget and a lot of time in hand go with this option to save some money. Seldom do business owners app with building an app all by themselves, considering the time it takes to learn the basic skill set and come with a full-blown app.

It is certainly not easy to learn how to make an app in a few months and deliver one that impresses the customers. While you may believe that you have mastered the art of building an app, the outcome may not be as great as you expected. Even after putting months of hard work, your app may not look very professional.

It is always better to channelize energy into driving more business through your core skills than investing time in something which may not be as fruitful as you though it would be.

2. Hire an app development company


Online Marketing

This is probably the best option to go with if you have excessive funds and very limited time. Successful companies that have allocated a big portion of their budget to the development of their app mostly go with hiring an app development company.

This is the easiest way to build an app, all you need to do is let your account manager what you are looking for and share ideas of how your app should look like. Your feedback will be enough for the team to get going.

The company you hire will keep working on your app until your completely satisfied with the outcome and hand over the rights of your app as soon as you have made the payment.

The only catch is that both small and medium-sized businesses can’t imagine getting an app build through this platform, for the enormous budget needed to build a mobile app. Sometimes, it can shake your entire yearly budget and leave you with no fund to manage the business.

Capitalizing a big budget on the development of your app will not be the end. There will always be some changes that you will want to make to your app for which you will bear a heavy maintenance cost. Additionally, you will always be dependent on the development company to make changes to your app.

It is rare for small scale businesses to take up this platform, considering the kind of capital cost and on-going cost it involves.

3. Buy a plug-in online


Fresh Content

Plug-ins have worked really well for app developers who are looking for ways to convert WooCommerce to mobile app. This is a great option for freelance coders who have a small base of client for website development but not enough exposure and experience to produce a mobile application out-and-out.

This platform may not be the best for someone who has zero coding knowledge. To integrate a plug in to your website, it is important to finalise the perfect one first. You can carry out the main step by finally incorporating the plug-in you choose with the help of some basic coding skill set.

This option also works well for developers who have lesser time in hand to deliver an app. However, If you have no programming knowledge, this may not be the best platform to go with. To integrate a plugin to your website, you will still need a basic skill set.

You can also build an app with the help an app developer if you already have a website but that would mean investing in buying a plug-in and also bearing the consultation charges of the developer you hire.

4.Sign up for an app builder


Customer Feedback

Mobile app builders have been gaining popularity all over the world for more than a year now and have become the talk of the town among small scale business and freelance website developers too.

You can come across a lot of companies that offer building an app by converting your website into a mobile application through web view or hybrid development. This is a great option for people who are looking for instant results.

Developing an app for you business through online app developers is very affordable and takes as less as 1 week to get an app that performs perfectly. With many options available in the market, it is important to go with the one that offers a WooCommerce Native app .

The best part of building an app through this platform is that you can create an app without needing an coding skills. Businesses that run on a retail model can enjoy complete features of an m-commerce that includes multiple payment gateways, category filters, search filter, advanced cart features and more.

This platform is a boon for both small and mid-scale business to see how their business app is being perceived by their customers.

App My Site is rare mobile app builder that offer native app development which means that your app will be built from scratch. Additionally, the apps built through App My Site are utilise the complete efficiency of the device, helping in better performance of the app. This way, you app will work faster and load products than web view and hybrid apps.

While building an app can be a challenge for any business, App My Site promises to smoothen the journey of all business owners who are looking to instantly convert their website into app.

Drop in an enquiry to speak to our team of experts.

Convert Woocommerce to mobile app to reconnect with customers

Convert Woocommerce to mobile app to reconnect with customers

If you’re an online seller and wish to engage and retain customers to sustain and grow your business, then building an app is a good solution for you.

Mobile apps offer various opportunities to businesses to engage customers and reconnect with them. Native apps have versatile features that effectively assist in sales and marketing activities.

Reconnecting with old customers is essential because they are more likely to purchase more than new customers, and it is even cost-effective to re-market to existing customers.

If you have an existing Woocommerce e-store, then you can build a Native mobile app for iOS and Android for your store, so that your existing customers have another, more personalised and accessible, platform on which they can connect with you.

A native app not only makes it easier for users to connect with you, but it also assists in making it easy for you to communicate with your customers.

Reconnecting with your customers is essential to ensure that they remember you and return to you to purchase more. Such activities cost less than attracting new customers.

The quick and pocket-friendly Woocommerce app builder from AppMySite can help you convert Woocommerce to mobile app easily.

Here are a few ways in which a native app built with AppMySite can help you reconnect with and retain your customers.

1. Stay connected for a longer time


Customer Engagement

Apps, when installed on a mobile device of a user, is generally used for a long time. To ensure that a customer repeatedly visits an app, one can ensure that their product or service requires repetitive consumption for which the customers will visit the app again and again.

As apps can be opened by tapping on app icons on mobile devices, it is easier for users to use apps over websites, which require opening a web browser and then opening the website.

Besides easy access, Apps have better user interface on mobile phones than a website opened on a mobile device. Easy navigations features of apps enable users to browse for longer periods of time.

A customer committing to download and install an app mostly commits to using the app for a long time before uninstalling it. However, this factor is affected by the quality of an app, therefore one should use a high-quality mobile builder for Woocommerce websites. Deliver value to keep customers engaged and committed to your platform.

2. Market easily with native apps


Online Marketing

Native apps built for iOS and Android use features of mobile devices to improve the user experience of customers. Therefore, if you plan to get an app, convert Woocommerce to mobile app that is native to the operating systems preferred by your customers.

Some useful features of native apps are push notifications, integrations with navigation maps, geo-targeting, access to camera to set profile picture, access to microphone to enable audio search, and more. You can even show users what people from their contact list are doing on your app. Such features make apps preferable over mobile websites, and they even help in communicating with customers easily.

A Woocommerce e-store website can be converted into a native app with the help of online app creators like AppMySite. Such apps can work in perfect sync with your existing website, so that the changes you make to the website reflect automatically in your app. This saves your team a lot of time in maintaining consistency across platforms.

3. Add fresh content or products


Fresh Content

One important aspect of customer retention is to offer fresh material. You have to keep publishing new articles and blogs and keep adding new products to the store to ensure that customers find value in returning to your e-store. Strive to stay trendy!

If your online store attracts customers frequently, then your app will have more chances of getting popular. This will not only help you reconnect with existing customers, but will also help in attracting new customers. Make your product screens and blogs shareable, so that more and more people become aware of your offerings. One or two good viral content pieces are all you need to make an impact in the market.

Apps help in easy sharing of content from your platform to various social media platforms and messengers. Easy access to apps and the notification feature of native apps can be used to inform customers about product and content updates, so that they are attracted back to the app to consume more.

4. Get customer feedback and data


Customer Feedback

Apps have features that help in easily collecting customer feedback. Customers can rate and comment on your products and blogs. This helps in connecting with your customers by understanding their viewpoint.

Apps also help collect data about the categories or products preferred by customers. Businesses can create a flow chart to understand the kind of products users browse through and the order in which they go from one screen to another. This helps managers and app developers to optimise the platform and business offerings. If you pay attention to customers, you will gain valuable knowledge of existing growth opportunities.

Collection of feedback and understanding of customer data is a great way to reconnect with customers. Customers feel appreciated when you address their concerns. It’s important to pay attention to what customers want and give them that, so that all the marketing and merchandising efforts reap the expected results.


The above four ways give an overview of the ways in which a native app can help a business to reconnect with their customers.

Users tend to keep an app on their mobile device for a long time, enabling businesses to attract users back to the app, time and again, through notifications and offers.

Various features of native apps helps in carrying out easy and cost effective marketing activities, which help in reconnecting with customers. Many other features of native apps also help engage customers.

One important aspect of customer engagement and retention is publishing fresh content regularly and offering new products in every season, so that customers are interested in returning again and again.

Last but not the least, collecting customer feedback and data through apps help in optimising platforms and business offerings, which helps in retaining customers and building customer loyalty.

You can turn website into app by using services of professional development companies like AppMySite.

One great thing about AppMySite is that they can develop and deliver a tested app for a Woocommerce website within a couple of weeks. It is a cost-effective app building solution—cheaper than DYI app makers. Send a Query to build an app for your Woocommerce website.

You can easily turn your e-store on Woocommerce to Android app or iOS app, with AppMySite.

All you have do do it send them your e-store’s URL and your brand’s logo and art work. They will use that information to create a ready-to-publish app.

Create a native app with Woocommerce app builder on AppMySite and connect with your customers. This helps you to create a community of loyal customers who prefer availing your services or buying your products repeatedly.

Woocommerce app for dummies

Woocommerce app for dummies

Creating Woocommerce shopping apps for your e-commerce platforms is made easy with AppMySite (AMS). You can create App from website with AMS by spending less time, effort and money.

Businesses spend a lot of time and money on creating e-commerce websites. To spend the same amount of resources on creating a mobile app can prove costly and may take focus away from other important activities of your business.

Woocommerce app builder of AppMySite requires businesses to do nothing more than share their existing e-commerce website details.

With that information, AppMySite’s team builds an app that works in sync with your current website. The app is designed, developed, tested and published by AMS team. Basically, they take care of everything after you subscribe to their services.

This helps you build an app in a limited time frame, helping you tap a market of mobile shoppers and giving you an edge over your competitors.

Two easy steps to build a Woocommerce app with AppMySite

AppMySite has a very easy, two-step process that enables businesses to create a user-friendly app.

Here’s how anyone with no knowledge of what goes into creating an app can go about making a user-friendly app that engages shoppers and helps grow revenue and customer base.

Select any cost-effective plan

The first thing to do is, visit, and choose a plan that suits your requirement. The plans offered by AppMySite allow you to pick the platforms you wish to build your mobile app for.

You can choose to get an Android app, an iOS app or both. The plans are for monthly and yearly subscription of AMS services.

The app creation plans available AMS with  are very cost-effective, as AMS develops, tests and publishes the app on your behalf.

You can choose to pay monthly or go for their value yearly pack. The options are very pocket-friendly. Even with their subscription model, you will end up spending way less than what you would otherwise spend on hiring a team of designers, developers, and testers.

Other DIY websites, where you have to spend a subscription cost and still have to spend time in creating an app, also prove to be very expensive, considering the opportunity cost of your time.

Therefore, AppMySite plans give you some of the cheapest app building options. You also end up saving a lot of money in terms of time and effort saved.

As the app is published and maintained by AMS on a regular basis, it is a boon for you to not have to deal with the cumbersome task of working on keeping your app updated for shoppers.

Provide website details

Once you have chosen the AppMySite plan of your liking, pay for it by signing up on the website. As soon as you subscribe to AMS services, you are asked to provide your website url and e-commerce account specific keys.

This information is used by AMS team to extract content from your existing website to create an app for you in a couple of weeks.

AMS process is simpler than DIY app building and saves you a lot of time and money. This online app maker cuts down the resources you need to spend on creating a shopping app to engage your customers.

You do not have to worry about how to design the website or what screens to develop. AMS will take care of essential things required to build an effective shopping app.

After the app is developed, it will be sent to you for testing, and then, upon approval from you, it is published on app stores by AMS team.

Therefore, businesses or individuals who are looking to develop a mobile app for their Woocommerce website can register with AppMySite and provide just their website URL and account keys.

Unlike other app making websites, AMS does not require you to spend time on different aspects of app building. Its professional and efficient team works like elves in the background to create a platform that helps your business grow.

How AppMySite builds the app

After you’ve provide your website details, AppMySite teams gets on to the task of building an app for Android and iOS for you, as per your chosen plan.

AMS has a tested and proven way of creating shopping mobile apps for Woocommerce websites. Their apps cover all features that enable your shoppers to find desirable products with ease and complete orders effectively.

Here’s what AMS team does to build an efficient app for you with features that help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Designing and branding

The screens of your app will be designed with ease of use in mind. You can provide specific logos and artwork for the splash screen and can suggest a colour theme of the app, to extend your brand identity to your app.

In case, you do not provide certain art work or logos, AppMySite’s creative designers will pick logos, colour theme and art work from your website and create an app for you that is attractive and engages your customers.

The screens of the app are intuitively designed to help shoppers easily purchase the products they like. The design is also conducive to undertaking marketing activities.

Developing user-friendly app

After the designs are ready, AMS team develops each screen and pulls data and content for each screen from your website. This helps the app work in perfect sync with your e-commerce platform.

The search options, filters and sort options are well designed, so that your customers can easily search for products under relevant categories. Cart, payment gateway, user profile, and other such features and screens are also well developed.

The user experience of your app created by AMS team is smooth and helps create a brand image and marketing impact that reaps the desired results for your business.

Testing app

Once the app is fully-developed, AppMySite team tests the app from business and user perspectives. This helps ensure that when the app is launched, it delivers desired results.

AppMySite has a professional team of testers, that tests that all the data sources are connected properly to the app, and that every action on the app gets the desired result. Once the app is tested, AMS team sends the app to you to get your final feedback.

You can test the app yourself, and circulate it among your team members or focus customer groups to get feedback.

Publishing app

Upon completion of your app’s development, the app is published on relevant app stores like Google Play and Apple App Store, from where your customers can download the app on their mobile devices.

You do not have to create or pay for any app store’s Developers account, as that will be done by AppMySite for you. AMS launches the app for you on relevant app stores, saving your time and money on yet another task.

While publishing the app, AMS even creates suitable graphics and app descriptions to add to app pages on app stores, so that your customers are better convinced to download the app.

Features of Woocommerce app created by AppMySite

Besides basic features like creating an attractive splash screen and an intuitive user interface, the following features of Woocommerce apps built by AppMySite online app maker make them desired by businesses.

AppMySite works with tested and established methods that help create brilliant shopping apps in less time. The following essential features make an app effective in selling more, up-selling, re-marketing, and more.


Smart filter, search and sort options

It is important to help shoppers make quick purchase decisions while they are in a favourable state of mind. These apps have filters that can be customized using your e-commerce website’s admin panel. You can create filter categories that make product/service search more relevant for your shoppers.

Besides smart filters, AMS team adds a search box to your app. This helps search for specific products that customers wish to purchase.

Sort options on the app are very convenient for customers to arrange the product in an order they prefer. This makes it easy for them to make quick purchase decisions.

Sync with your website

One great feature of the apps created with this online app maker is that they work in perfect sync with your e-commerce website. This means that any change you make to the product menu on the website is automatically reflected in the app, too.

Other changes like marketing banners, filter categories, payment gateways, etc. made to the website work in perfect sync with your mobile app developed with AppMySite. This helps your merchandisers and online platform managers save a lot of precious time.

The data collected through your shopping app gets automatically added to your main database, helping you propagate your business development and marketing activities.

Cart screen

The cart screen developed with AMS is intuitive and helps businesses increase their sales by allowing shoppers to continue shopping and adding more products to their baskets.

The cart screen of these apps are smooth to use. Users can go back to continue shopping, click on chosen products to check product details, and proceed to checkout to complete their orders.

A good cart screen can contribute a lot to getting more successful orders and larger product baskets. Therefore, this feature of AMS apps holds much value.

Payment gateway

Another great feature of AMS Woocommerce apps is their payment gateway integration. As users proceed to checkout, they will reach the same payment gateway that you use on your e-commerce website.

AMS seamlessly integrates all the payment options available on your website to your app, so that your customers can successfully complete their orders by paying through their choice of payment option.

This helps in achieving a higher number of successful orders through mobile app for your business.

With the help of the two easy steps of creating an app with AppMySite, you can put AMS team in action for building an app for you that is armed with features that will help you achieve your online sales goals.

Mobile apps are a great way to retain your customers, as the users who download and install your apps on their mobile devices commit to purchase through you from time to time.

With the help of perfect syncing of your website with the app created with this Woocommerce app builder, you can easily manage the products or service that reflect in the app for selling.

It is essential to create App from website to offer an easy buying platform to your users, where they find it easy to engage with you for a long time.

DIY Woocommerce apps made simpler with AppMySite

DIY Woocommerce apps made simpler with AppMySite

If you want to create an app for your Woocommerce website and want a solution that is not too complicated or expensive, then one of the best ways is to create an app with AppMySite (AMS).

On regular DIY app creation platforms you will have to spend a lot of time and effort in designing the app, adding the right graphics, populating products, and integrating payment gateway. However, with AppMySite online app creator, even DIY websites are made simpler.

Two easy steps to create an app

You can undertake Two simple steps given below with AppMySite to create and launch an app that costs less than a DIY app to design and develop.

Purchase app plans for Android and iOS

To begin, you can explore and purchase an app plan with AppMySite. Its plans offer creation of app for Woocommerce and WordPress websites. The apps are offered for Android and iOS. You can select the platforms you wish to have the app developed for.

Select the plan, create your AMS account, and make payment for the chosen plan. This will give you access to your AMS account that helps you stay updated about your app’s status.

AMS has monthly and yearly plans in which they develop your app, and publish and maintain them.

Provide Website Url and account keys

After you have purchased an app development plan with AppMySite, then all you have to do is provide your website url and e-commerce account keys to AMS team, and they will create an app for you in a few days.

You can choose to provide your company logo and customized graphics to AMS team, but otherwise they will extract apt artwork and graphics from your website and brand your app effectively.

AppMySite team does the work of designing splash screens, developing app, integrating app with website, developing cart, testing app and publishing app after approval from you.

With the above two simple steps, your app is ready to use by your customers! This way of creating an app online saves you precious time and effort that you can spend on marketing and other business development activities of your business.

Value added services by AppMySite

App my site websites are not only easy to make, but they also take little time to be launched. Here are a few value added services offered by AppMySite team to make app launching easy for you.

Branding apps

AMS team brands the splash screen and other pages of your app by picking appropriate graphics and artwork from your website. You can choose to provide specific artwork or graphics to AMS team to integrate. This helps you extended your business brand identity to your app.


Auto population of products on apps

The app is designed in such a way that the products uploaded on your e-commerce website are automatically populated on your app, too. Also, as you add, delete or edit products on the website, the information and product menu also gets auto updated on your app.

Seamless integration of payment gateway

The app development process also integrates your website’s payment gateway with your mobile app. This saves you the hassle of setting up a new payment gateway. The cart is also well designed by AMS team to offer a smooth purchasing experience to users.

Publishing app on app stores

AMS team also does the work of publishing your developed and tested app on app stores, from where your users can download the app to start shopping with you. You do not have to set up or pay for developer accounts on app stores, as AMS takes care of this activity on your behalf.

The above features of this online app creator make AppMySite very favourable among businesses.

Because of these value added services and two simple steps involved in creating an app with AMS, businesses who wish to create DYI apps are swayed to use AppMySite services.

Ideal time and cost you should spend on a Woocommerce app

Ideal time and cost you should spend on a Woocommerce app

As more and more customers are shopping through mobile platforms, it is essential for businesses to create a mobile app that will get them repeat customers and enable higher shopper engagement.

To make your online selling platform mobile-ready, you will have to spend time and money to make your own app. The question is, ‘What is the ideal time and money required to build an app?’

Following activities are required to build an app. Let’s elaborate on the work and money that goes into carrying out each of these activities:



You have to hire a business analyst who can understand your business and customers to plan the flow of your app that will get you maximum benefits. This analyst ought to have a technical background and fair knowledge of Business & Marketing concepts to be able to plan an app and its features that will deliver a suitable user experience.

The business analyst generally prepares wireframes for the app after studying the business, market and competitors. Planners will also have to take native features of iOS, Android and other platforms into account while planning.



Once the app is planned, a graphic and UI designer who is familiar with design elements of the kind of app you plan to create will have to be involved. The designer must study your brand story, competitors’ designs, and shopper preferences to create a User Interface that is intuitive and effective.

It can take a lot of time, research and work to create designs that will get you results. Separate designs will have to be developed for iOS and Android platforms.


After designs for all the pages of your app are ready, you can start developing the app. Depending upon the platforms—Android, iOS, Windows, etc.—that you plan to develop the app for, you will have to engage different developers who can develop good native apps. Android and iOS are the most popular platforms among users.

Developers can either choose to create an app that works with an independent database or in sync with your e-commerce website. You will have to hire proficient Android or iOS app developers to do the work for you.


Once all the pages of the app are properly developed by developers, you will have to engage another set of engineers to test the app for functionality and ease of use. They will test each function of the app to check that the user experience goes smoothly.

You can also engage your marketing team to give feedback on the elements that will work or not work for your customers. A focus group of shoppers can also be involved to get feedback on the app from actual users’ point of view.


After the above four steps, you’ll have to publish your app on appropriate app stores. This involves adding graphics, SEO-friendly description, and the latest version of your app to each store. You will have to create a developer account on each platform, pay developer account fee and publish and maintain your app.

When you are publishing your app for users, it is essential to add graphics that explain the main features and benefits of your app. This helps customers make a quick decision about the value of downloading your app.

To undertake the above activities, not only a lot of manpower is required, but also a lot of effort and time is expended.

In this fast-moving and competitive world, it is essential for businesses to create a foolproof and effective app in no time. One way is to hire freelancers or an in-house team to build the app, but that takes a lot of time.

The other, and the most efficient, way is to take services of service providers like AppMySite, which require only your e-commerce website address and account keys to create native apps for iOS and Android.

With their superior value plans, you can make your own app that is well-developed, designed and tested for your shoppers.

You don’t even have to worry about publishing your app on app stores, as AppMySite takes care of all that for you to quickly and cost-effectively launch you mobile apps in the market to compete and grow.

Essential features of an engaging WooCommerce mobile app

Essential features of an engaging WooCommerce mobile app

Mobile App Builder for WooCommerce AppMySite: While the number of shopping mobile apps has proliferated exponentially in the last few years, the user experience offered by these apps has a lot of room for improvement. Small businesses and online stores that want to Convert WooCommerce to Mobile App often take the easy way out and use instant ‘DIY’ app builders. This severely limits the features and the functionality of the app, which can prove to be detrimental for an online business.

The engagement, retention, and popularity level of any app is directly dependent on the ease of the user experience. The user experience usually boils down to what features a shopping mobile app offers to its customers, and how they are used to enhance the shopping experience. Let us take at a look at a few features that your WooCommerce mobile app should have in order to ensure an engaging shopping experience for your customers. At the end of this post, we will also discuss an expert mobile app creator that can be used to build an awesome mobile app for your website.

Easy product searchability

Features like smart search, product sorting, and filtering help shoppers look exactly what they are looking for. All category screens should, thus, have prominently placed search bars, sorting options, and filtering criteria. This not only allows users and shoppers to quickly reach the product they want to purchase, but also shows them products in the same price range and with similar features. If your online store offers the product comparison feature, that too should be placed visibly on each product screen.

Better engagement

Allowing shoppers to easily find the products that they desire increases engagement and creates a positive experience. Customers who know the exact product they want can do so with minimal effort. Furthermore, the multiple sorting and filtering settings allow customers to personalise their product search. This means that most of your shoppers will view a unique product mix that is visible only to them and is personalised for their requirements.

Multi-menu categorisation

Say a shopper wants to buy a pair of shoes, but hasn’t decided the colour or the brand and wants to explore all options before placing the order. To cater to the undecided customer that are is on the fence about what product they want to purchase, it is important to have a layered menu that neatly categorises all your products. This allows shoppers to view all products in a particular category and empowers them with the choice to view, compare, and choose between several similar products. These products should be further allowed to be sorted by the brand, price, name, newness, reviews, or discounts.

Enhanced shopping experience

Since App My Site builds mobile apps using CS/CK keys of your website, any change you make at the backend of your online store will be automatically reflected in the app. On the other hand, DIY app creators need to redesign their app manually in order to update their application and redesign it manually, every time the app needs to be updated. App My Site has a clear advantage on this front, as it allows owners of websites and online stores to focus on their work, instead of taking care of frequent updates.


Prominent ‘Buy Now/Add to Cart’ button

Reports and studies suggest that most online shoppers make the decision to purchase a product within a few seconds. Even the most engrossed mobile shopper is just a notification away from being distracted and abandoning the order placement process. Thus, every product screen should have a discernible ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ button. Ideally, it should have an easily identifiable distinguishing feature that commands attention seamlessly, without looking out-of-place. Furthermore, ensure that the checkout process doesn’t involve many steps and offers secure payment options.

Higher conversion and faster checkout

A noticeable ‘Buy Now/Add to Cart’ button helps increase conversions, drives up sales, and facilitates a faster checkout process. It also ensures that shoppers place their orders before they are distracted by the constant feed of notifications on their phones. Reducing the time taken by a shopper to place the order will obviously help your business grow. Even if the shopper abandons the purchase process but successfully adds a product to their shopping cart, you can always remind them to complete the order later and even offer a relevant discount for the same.

Recently viewed products

It is natural to have second thoughts and compare products before placing the order and compare multiple products. If your shoppers have to rely on the ‘back’ button every time they want to review the product they have previously seen, the navigation process will extremely complex and that is why a ‘recently viewed’ section is a must. You may limit the number of products to say, five, in order to use the screen space ergonomically and include a collapsible drop-down. Even if you offer the ‘compare’ feature, it is critical to dedicate a section to recently viewed products.

Improved navigation

Naturally, simplifying the browsing process increases engagement and decreases the bounce rate. It increases the time that shoppers spend actively engaged on the app, reduces the time taken by shoppers to reach a decision and also improves the shopping experience. All E-commerce websites have this section, and it is often removed in the app to make the most of the smaller screen size. However, including this simple feature in your app is extremely beneficial for you, and your customers.


Complimentary and supplementary products

The product screen should also suggest ‘Similar Products’ or ‘Often Purchased Together’ products. Much like ‘recently viewed products’, these sections help shoppers browse relevant products effectively. However, make sure that the placement of these sections is not in-your-face, and avoid default addition of product combos in the cart. The section should be at the end of the product screen or at the order review screen, after a product is added to cart.

Effective Marketing

Suggesting similar products or additional products that are usually purchased together, is a great way to introduce new products to your customers. You can influence a shoppers’ purchasing decision by suggesting products that are priced or reviewed better when they are considering a product or add it to their cart. A strategically placed ‘Similar Products’ or ‘Often Purchased Together’ section can help you effectively up-sell and cross-sell products.

There you have it! The aforementioned features are a must-have to ensure a successful mobile app. As mentioned before, a successful mobile app offers its users a smooth user experience and a variety of features that elevate the same. To include all the above-mentioned features, and more, in your mobile app, make sure you go for an expert Mobile App Builder for WooCommerce, like AppMySite. AppMySite helps you easily Convert WooCommerce to Mobile App at cost-effective prices and delivers a native, feature-rich, and thoroughly-tested app within a week. Get in touch to know more about how you business can benefit from AppMySite.

The importance of collecting and analysing user data on WooCommerce mobile apps

The importance of collecting and analysing user data on WooCommerce mobile apps

It is often said that the new currency of this century is data. Effective collection and analysis of user/customer data has helped businesses become more agile and predict consumer trends. More so, it has allowed for better customer service and created a personalised approach to engagement. Online stores and businesses extensively follow this practice in order to foster customer trust and cultivate a holistically engaging experience. Let’s take a look at why the collection and analysis of user data is critical for businesses that have a WooCommerce Mobile App:

Customer database

Collecting comprehensive user data is critical to creating and maintaining a panoptic database of your customers. While this concept in itself is by no means new, but the process of organising customer information has been greatly simplified by cloud technology. An up-to-date, accessible, and customer database acts as a valuable repository all information a business needs regarding its users. Mobile apps are also much better at collecting customer information as they make effective use of the mobile hardware features, and are capable of collecting additional information like location.

User Behaviour

While collecting the demographic data and information of your customers obviously strengthens your business operations, one critical aspect of this process is meticulously recording the way your users are interacting with your app. Keeping a track of user behaviour gives you important insights on which app features most used, which ones are redundant, what are the pain-points experienced, and what challenges are encountered during the checkout process. All this information can help you bring down cart abandonment, promote offers more effectively, and schedule push notifications for maximum impact.

Shopping Trends

In addition to helping you understand how users are engaging with your app, you can also identify customer shopping trends and patterns. This is particularly useful if you have a WooCommerce Mobile App for your online store and want to make your marketing and promotions strategy more effective. Once you have recognised which products are more popular amongst which category of customers, it becomes easier to create targeted marketing campaigns. This also increases the chances of successful up-selling and cross-selling of products and services, as your suggestions are more relevant and personalised.

Personalising Content and Services

‘Personalisation’ is the latest buzz-word in the tech industry and a wide almost all digital product and services providers are applying the same for better business growth. By understanding user behaviour and preferences, you can automate the personalisation your app’s content and services for better engagement. Depending on the nature of your app, you can use user information like age, gender, location, profession, or social media activity to curate content and services that are most appealing for your target audience. In other words, you identify and anticipate what your app users want and give them more of the same to ensure maximum retention. 

If you are the owner of an online business and want to expand into the m-commerce domain, you need an engaging app for your website. AppMySite is an expert WooCommerce Mobile App creator that delivers a native responsive, feature-rich, and secure app for existing online stores within a week. To know more about how you can convert your WooCommerce website into a mobile app, get in touch with us today.

Why you must have a Woocommerce app to sell more

Why you must have a Woocommerce app to sell more

If you have an e-commerce website and are trying to find ways to increase your revenue, customer lifetime value and customer basket size, then you need to go a step ahead and make your own app for mobile devices for at least Android and iOS platforms.

Customers who purchase with you frequently are often off-tracked and need reminders and motivation to purchase with you again. A great way to keep customers engaged is by sending them reminders and offers through push notifications and other mediums that are allowed by native apps, as they reside on customers’ phones and hence offer more chances of engagement than an e-commerce website.

Native mobile apps are cost-effective and easy to manage. They help collect data and valuable information from customers. They offer ample opportunities for businesses to engage customers and grow revenue.

You can build a Woocommerce native app based on your existing e-commerce platform, so that you do not have to spend extensively on creating a standalone app, and you can manage both the apps—web and mobile—from one admin panel.

Here are a few reasons why you should create a Woocommerce app, to sell more:

Customer retention

As customers have easy access to apps on their mobile devices, they are more likely to buy with you through your app than your website. Apps help retain customers for long, as customers find it convenient to buy through a platform that is easily accessible to them. Woocommerce apps also help users easily keep a track of their loyalty points, orders and payments, which help keep customers engaged and retained for a long time.

Recommending products to increase customer basket size

Native apps help recommend products to customers as per their preferences and previous order and search histories. This increases the chances of customers making more purchases and increases their basket size. Good recommendations also create a positive mindset among customers about assistive capabilities of your app. Native apps compile data about users’ behaviour on web and mobile apps to make relevant recommendations.

Bringing customers back with push notifications and messages

One great feature of native Woocommerce apps is push notifications. You can write a stellar copy to motivate your customers to allow your app to send them push notifications. You can send notifications to promote products, events, sales, discounts, etc. to attract customers to your stores and app to make more purchases. You can even send notifications to customers when their favourite items are in stock or available on discount.

Customer engagement with content

Customers can be engaged better through native apps when they are offered engaging content in terms of relevant media—videos, images, and audio—, blogs, articles, etc. You can send them notifications to open your app to read a new blog or view a seasonal lookbook. Such activities draw traffic to apps, which makes customers more likely to buy through apps. Native apps seamlessly populate marketable content from your e-commerce website.

Use customer data to optimize offering

You can use data on preferences of customers and their buying behaviour to learn what customers like and offer them that. Native apps help you collect data about browsing habits of customers, their bookmarked items, their price preferences, products they like to buy together, and more. This allows businesses to optimize product offerings to match what customers like. This increases the chance of customers making more purchases and buying a bigger basket of goods.

Native app features help offer engaging functionalities

Native apps allow businesses access to features of mobile devices by requesting access from users. Access to friend or contact lists of customers allows businesses to attract customers to their apps by sending relevant information about what customers’ friends or contacts are upto. Similarly, touch or face-recognition login, easy payment, etc. are great features of native apps that motivate customers to make purchases easily through apps.

Marketing as per location

Native apps allow businesses to get access to location information of customers. This enables marketers to send notifications and SMSs to customers to geo-target them. Customers can be invited to the nearest stores or be encouraged to make certain purchases relevant to the location they are at. Location services are a great way to target a focussed group of customers who are more likely to make suggested purchases.

Mobile wallets and other easy payment options

Native apps allow customers to make payments through mobile wallets, PayPal, net banking and other convenient modes. Such flexibility enables customers to purchase more, as per their convenience. Native apps let customers save their payment details for one-click payments in the future. Businesses benefit in terms of improved customer satisfaction and revenue, when they offer more choices to customers in terms of payment options.

It is very easy to manage a woocommerce app that is well planned before development. A Woocommerce native app can work in perfect sync with its corresponding e-commerce app, if it is developed so. AppMySite helps create native apps that work hand-in-hand with web apps of businesses, saving a lot of content management effort and time.

Through such apps, product and category updates you make in your e-commerce admin panels are automatically reflected in your app, too. This helps you keep your app updated at all times.

As the above points have established the importance of an app to sell more, for businesses, it should be given serious consideration and action. There is no time better than now to offer apps to customers to promote customer engagement, increase customer lifetime value & basket size, and attract loyalty of customers.

With good app building services available in the market, this task can be accomplished conveniently and in very little time. You can easily make your own app with AppMySite, as it offers a seamless, step-by-step process that businesses can follow easily and cost-effectively.

Essential features of an engaging WooCommerce mobile app

Trending WooCommerce Native App Features

With advancement of technology and increasing market penetration of mobile apps, e-commerce businesses are developing and upgrading their mobile apps to enhance consumer experience and engagement.

In this article, we discuss trends that have emerged in the recent past, in the mobile app industry, that help businesses improve customer experience and grow.

If you are developing an app using a Woocommerce mobile app builder from Appmysite, then you need to equip your app with the following tools to make it more effective.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used by commerce apps to recommend products, personalize customer experience and target customers as per their behaviour. This helps businesses engage customers, increase customer basket size and improve customer satisfaction levels. It also helps businesses collect a lot of user behaviour data used to profile customers and improve offerings.



Artificial intelligence also enables businesses to run chatbots on their websites and native apps. Studies show that 52% of users prefer interacting with businesses through messenger apps rather than on the phone or in person. Chatbots enables businesses to be available for users 24/7, which improves customer satisfaction rates of businesses.

Cloud-based apps

As per Cisco, 90% of mobile data traffic in 2022 will be through cloud applications. This is due to winning features like security of data, speed, and reliability of cloud-based apps. It also enables users and businesses to store more data and analyze it more conveniently, without limitations of devices and places of access.

Mobile wallets

One revolutionizing trend for Woocommerce apps is availability of mobile wallets and banking. This enables app builders to integrate e-commerce payment features to mobile payment options, allowing users to process payments faster. This helps in increased convenience for customers and improved rated of order completion for businesses.


With widespread access to business apps, it is important for developers to secure app codes and user data throughly. It is necessary to encrypt data collection, transmission and storage, so that critical user data is secured. This enable businesses to preserve their trade secrets and customer information, improving reliability and goodwill among customers.

Location-based services

Geo-targeting and geofencing is used widely by e-commerce apps to engage customers effectively. Location-based prompts can be sent to users to increase their basket size and personalise product offering. Businesses can use bluetooth beacons to transmit meaningful offers or information to users, as per their locations.

With these advanced trends revolutionizing the way one can interact with and engage customers, it is important for businesses to upgrade their Woocommerce apps to stay competitive.

You can use a good Woocommerce Mobile App Builder to integrate these features in your business’ native apps. This will not only help your business app stay in trend, but also enable it to generate value for your business and customers.

The best way to stay on top of your game is to leverage the advantages offered by these new cutting-edge technologies.

Winning features of App My Site’s apps

Winning features of App My Site’s apps

Online App Maker App My Site: Businesses started using mobile applications as an alternative platform of reaching out to their customers almost a decade ago. The popularity of apps has only been growing ever since and there are very less businesses that don’t have a dedicated app from their business. The reason is very simple, apps have really helped businesses to stay at top of their game and sustain in the tough competition by just being in touch with the customers.

The trends in the design and development of building an app changes with respect to the advancement in technology. Some e-commerce business apps mostly fail because they are unable to keep up the upcoming trends. App My Site is one of the most reliable Online App Maker that is helping businesses that have very little knowledge of developing an app, come up with the most respectful apps. Let’s find out in detail the reason that our apps stand out from other app makers:

Get advanced cart features

While we understand that most e-commerce apps have a cart where customers can add products but what most online app makers don’t offer is advanced cart features. If you are looking forward to getting an app built through us, there are many upgraded cart features which you may not find in ordinary app makers.

Your customers can add as many products as they want while shopping from your app without facing any trouble. You can promote your app by giving out coupons to your customers that they can apply these in their cart and redeem the discount.

Offer excellent user experience to your customers by letting them click on the product while it is in the cart and viewing the product without having to go back. Your customers can also save the products they like in their cart for as long as they want and buy it later on.

You can choose to add as many payment gateways as you like including international payment options, cash on delivery, wallets and credit/debit card payments.

Offer a customized profile screen

A great way of engaging your customer is offer a personalized experienced to the them. If your customers feel special, the possibility of them using your app on a regular basis increase. Your customers too can have a customized profile screen that they can edit in their profile by changing the profile picture through the camera or from the gallery.

You can also let your customers add and remove their billing and shipping addresses as per their convenience. The app can be connected to the customer’s social media accounts and google account which saves them from signing up on the app.

For the convenience of the customers, you can provide them with an order screen that will help them check the statuses of the orders they have places, which will include all order details.

Built native mobile applications

The best way to offer excellent user experience to your customers is to always go for a native app development because it is built from scratch and allows multiple customizations for the user to make. App My Site is an online app builder but still provides native app development unlike most app makers do.

Native apps are developed through core programming languages that makes them more efficient than any other apps. Not only is the development of these apps faster but the speed at which they operate on the user’s devices is much quicker, taking complete advantage of the device’s processor. This is also one of the major reasons that these apps load a lot more quickly than hybrid apps or web apps.

From the security point of view, apps that are built on technologies such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript are more likely to be vulnerable to performance and security issues. Native apps are more secure because they make use of solutions that are provided by the device management and can be controlled through any individual device, including erasing the app and its data completely.

The best feature of the apps that we built is that they can function even when there is no internet access, unlike web and hybrid apps. If you are going for a WooCommerce App Builder, your customers can view products, add them to the cart or add them to favorite list while they are travelling in a plane, in the train subways or anywhere they don’t want to use the internet.

Additionally, if you want your target audience to find you on the iTunes Store or Google Play Store, choosing native app development is the way to go. These apps have a much better ranking and better search result than any other apps, and this is the only reason why the first few apps in the search results are always native ones.

Make changes to your app

Whether you own a CMS app or an e-commerce app, you will always want to make changes to it, to keep up with the trends and add/remove products. For instance: if you own a blogging app, it is obvious that you will want to keep adding blogs, their respective pictures and links, that is much easier with an app that App My Site provides.

Keeping the user interface in mind, you can go about making changes to theme colors of your app that will be reflected on all the pages. This will ensure that your app is visible to your customers in the most professional and symmetrical manner. Additionally, you can also make changes to the homepage as per your requirement to enhance the user experience.

If you’re looking for a dynamic WooCommerce app that lets your customers seamlessly shop from your store, then there is all the more reason for building an app through us. Your users can apply filters to change category of style type, colors, sizes, price ranges and more. Also, the dedicated app for your e-commerce business can run unlimited number of stores within an app and have multiple currencies. You can yourself add/remove products based on the trends and inventory storage.

Mobile applications have succeeded in altering the way businesses interact with their customers regularly. A lot of businesses are running successfully only on an app-based model and doing wonderfully by simply being connected to the customers. The world today demands businesses to be more engaging and powerful that is possible if you go with building a native app. If you are looking to build an app that is appealing to not just you but also to your customers, get in touch with us today.

Grow Your Online Business with a WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

Grow Your Online Business with a WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

One of the biggest challenges that owners of online stores face is holding the attention of website visitors and customers and to continually engage them. However, using a WooCommerce Mobile App Builder, you can create an enthralling mobile app for your online store that can help you engage shoppers. Here are the benefits of converting your WooCommerce website into a mobile app:


Global Reach

As your mobile app is downloaded and reviewed by more customers, your digital footprint will become stronger and you can take your business global. By promoting and optimising your app, you can tap into global markets relevant to your business. Several businesses have sky-rocketed and acquired international customers, thanks to their mobile apps. By tracking the activity of your shoppers, you can identify their tastes and preferences and target similar customers. As a matter of fact, a quality WooCommerce app can be used as a potent marketing tool as well – more on that below.

Increased Customer Engagement

Mobile apps have proven to increase customer engagement levels. Browsing through products becomes easier with features like smart search, sorting by name or price, or applying custom filters. Furthermore, customers can place orders, make payments, check the status of their order, and alter billing or shipping information – all on the fly! Additionally, by analysing customer behaviour and choices, you can present hyper-personalised recommendations and suggestions to them, thus making the shopping experience more enjoyable. Lastly, since your customers will be able to access your online store on the go, they will naturally engage more frequently as compared to your website.


Effective Marketing

A native WooCommerce app will help you make most of the hardware features like location and push notifications; you will be able to market your products to your customers much more effectively. The mobile app will serve as a direct and instant medium of communication between you and your shoppers, and every offer, discount, sale, and event can be immediately broadcast to them. More so, you can also add in-app marketing offers and promotions, and offer rewards and discounts in exchange for feedback, referrals, and social media endorsement.

In-Sync Mobile App

Using a dedicated WooCommerce Mobile App Builder, like App My Site, you can create a mobile app that is in-sync with your website. In other words, every time you update your website or make any changes to your products or categories, the same will be reflected in the app automatically. Most readily available free online app builders do not offer the functionality to update or edit the app once it has been published on the app stores. But with App My Site, you can make as many changes to your online store as you want.

App My Site is an expert WooCommerce Mobile App Builder that helps you create a mobile app for your WooCommerce store. Unlike most other app stores in the market, we deliver a native, responsive, in-sync and tested app for your online store within a week. Get in touch with us to know more about our process of engaging apps and how your business can benefit from the same.

4 Advantages of Mobile Apps over WooCommerce Websites

4 Advantages of Mobile Apps over WooCommerce Websites

Over the last decade or so, e-commerce websites have disrupted traditional business models and significantly influenced customer browsing and shopping habits. However, the age of websites is beginning to wane and is giving way to m-commerce, or shopping on mobile phones. This trend has gained momentum because converting a WooCommerce website to a mobile app has several advantages. Let’s discuss a few of them:


Speed and Convenience

No matter how responsive your website is, a mobile app provides a faster browsing experience. In the case of websites, a potential customer will have to launch a web browser, type in your website, wait for it to load, and then start interacting with it. Mobile apps, however, launch with a single tap and are able to instantly engage customers. This is because mobile apps store their data and information locally, and can, therefore, load up to several times faster than their website counterparts. Furthermore, most native apps can offer basic content and functionality in an offline mode as well. This means that your customers can continue to browse through your online store, even if they have poor or no internet connection.

Increased Customer Engagement

Interacting and engaging with mobile apps is much easier as compared to a website. Since apps have several dynamic features that allow easy sharing, one-click checkout, or one-touch payments, customers receive a much better experience. Additionally, mobile apps allow a high degree of personalisation. By collecting information on user choices, location, culture, and interests, apps can tailor content and suggestions. That’s not all! Since mobile apps have access to several hardware features of the device, they can use the camera, GPS, accelerometer to help provide seamless service to their users. For instance, customers can look up a product on your online store by clicking an image and uploading in or use the fingerprint scanner to authenticate payments and orders. 

Direct and Instant Updates

One of the most distinguishing features of a native WooCommerce mobile app is the ability to send push notifications to the user’s device. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and engagement levels, even if a customer doesn’t open the app. You can send across information on sales, offers, promotions, and events using push notifications. Since push notifications are a direct and instant channel of communication with your customers, they can make a measurable difference your marketing and promotional strategies and help you boost sales. Regular in-app notifications can also be used to guide users and educate them on deals and offers.

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Since the e-commerce industry is dominated by a few giants, promoting an online store using traditional marketing strategies is likely to cost a lot. However, compared to other platforms acquiring a customer using mobile apps is cheaper and more effective. More so, if you convert your WooCommerce website to mobile app, after a while, your marketing and advertising budget will reduce, as you will be able to communicate with directly with no barriers. Furthermore, you can use this community of loyal customers to expand your digital and social media identity, and further, acquire new customers at a relatively lower cost. 

Thus, there are several benefits to Convert WooCommerce To Mobile App. App My Site is a dedicated WooCommerce app builder that can help you create a native mobile app from your WooCommerce website within a week. Get in touch to know more!

Pitching App My Site vs. a DIY Online App Creator

Pitching App My Site vs. a DIY Online App Creator

There is no dearth of DIY online app creator tools today. Many even claim to help you design and build an app ‘instantly’. For anyone looking to turn their website into an app, this can be an exciting proposition. However, it is important to understand exactly what you’re signing up for. Let’s take a look the differences between the mobile apps created by dedicated experts at App My Site and those by DIY online app builders.


Native App vs. Hybrid App

The biggest and the most important difference between the two platforms is the type of end product delivered. App My Site builds a native app for every website from scratch, whereas online app builders offer a disjointed hybrid app, at best. Even a simple search of the two terms will indicate that the former provides users a smooth, glitch-free, and immersive experience, as compared to the latter. Even an individual with no technical expertise can tell that creating something from the ground up is better than using a cookie-cutter approach.

Premium Responsive App vs. Generic Lag-Prone App

The difference is not restricted to the kind of app built. Apps created using App My Site are seamless and extremely responsive, in addition to having a superior and premium aesthetic quality. The regular DIY online app creator simply give users an app built on a template with lag-prone functionalities. This is because most DIY platforms do not have effective and robust backend linking mechanisms and tools in place. Eventually, it boils down to the method of app development: App My Site’s dedicated and methodical processes as compared to choosing an off-the-shelf template hurriedly.


Automated Processes vs. Cumbersome Drag and Drop Tools

While on the one hand App My Site automatically generates dashboards, product categories, and menus from your existing e-commerce website; on the other hand, online app builders offer cumbersome and unresponsive drag and drop tools, which severely impede the process of creating a dynamic, multi-layered, and multi-feature app. In addition to saving your time and effort, App My Site builds an app which is a natural extension of your existing website or e-commerce store, which is not the case with many online app builders.

In-Sync App vs. Static App

Since App My Site builds mobile apps using CS/CK keys of your website, any change you make at the backend of your online store will be automatically reflected in the app. On the other hand, DIY app creators need to redesign their app manually in order to update their application and redesign it manually, every time the app needs to be updated. App My Site has a clear advantage on this front, as it allows owners of websites and online stores to focus on their work, instead of taking care of frequent updates.

Experience and Expertise vs. Lack of Knowledge

For something as critical as designing and creating a mobile app for your business, you need the help and assistance of experienced app builders and experts. It unfair for any app developer to expect users to know the aesthetics, design, and layout of a robust mobile app and leave the entire process to them. Sure, DIY app creators do not require you to code your app, but they rob you of the opportunity to create an aesthetic, responsive, multi-layered, and dynamic app.

While giving users absolute control over how their apps will work might sound like a great idea – in reality, it brings down the functionality, design, and quality of the app. After all, you can’t expect everyone to produce a Picasso, simply because you have given them a blank canvas! DIY online app builders aren’t the best option for serious professionals, organizations, and businesses who wish to launch an exclusive and premium mobile application for their website. A mobile app is an extension of the brand identity today – make sure you choose an expertise and knowledge-driven Online App Creator, like App My Site, for building the same.