Skyrocket your agency profits with AppMySite mobile app reseller program

Skyrocket your agency profits with AppMySite mobile app reseller program

The growth in the number of smartphone users across the globe is humongous. This development has also impacted the online market place and many businesses are creating apps for holistic growth.

As you are reading this, new apps are getting added to the store and the statistics are strengthening each day. Hence, if you own an agency that is willing or already caters to the growing demand of apps, it can be tough to keep up.

However, you can join a reseller program and bid adieu to all your worries. In fact, you can also build new avenues of success and expand your dimensions of growth. 

Stay tuned and find out the benefits of joining the best mobile app reseller program. Learn the ropes with AppMySite and take your brand to new heights.

It is the flourishing new business idea

Business idea for growth

Every business and brand, however big or small, aspires to be in the mobile marketplace today. However, the demand of apps is quite high and there are not enough developers to cater to these rising demands.

Besides, the custom development methods seem tedious and outdated. It requires huge investments in terms of efforts, time and money. The circle can be really long and tiring and hence it is wiser to switch to more advanced solutions.

You can make the following things work in your favor:

  • Expanding mobile market ensures higher returns and revenue
  • Increase in the demand of mobile apps has spiked the demand of developers
  • DIY app building solutions have made it easier to cater to huge demands
  • Reseller solution enables you to build affordable apps for clients

Evidently, these factors also strengthen the fact that building apps can turn out to be a great business idea. It is bound to grow exponentially in the future and ensures unending profits.

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Read the blog above and find out many more exciting facts about the mobile industry. These facts further reinforce the growth prospect of the app market and tell you how apps are the best investment in this day and age.

The advantages of joining a reseller program

A mobile app reseller program comes with an array of benefits. Some of them are as discussed below:

#1- Mobile apps are the future of all businesses

Businesses rely on mobile app

As we have also discussed above, the lifestyle of people is changing rapidly. People love to go out and travel for recreational activities, but when it comes to procuring the essentials in their day to day life, they look for more convenient options.

Apps have given businesses and consumers the liberty to build a relationship that goes beyond their outlet and store visits. Hence, it will not be an exaggeration to say that apps have become an inseparable part of our lives.

The future will be owned by businesses that play their cards right in this arena. Moreover, you can help such aspiring businesses to flourish by building apps for them. It is also the most bankable business idea that ensures success. 

#2- DIY solutions have made it easier

Build apps with DIY mobile app builder

There was a time when one had to hire a number of technicians like coders, designers, etc., to get one app built. The process took a long time and you had to be caught in a loop of tiring actions before you could deliver one app to your customers.

Thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive DIY app builders, the job can now be done single-handedly. Yes, you heard it right. With code-free app builders, you can build an infinite number of apps and cater to a huge clientele with limited workforce and resources.

 #3- Shed the maintenance load

Manage app development business easily

The process of creating and managing apps can be a Herculean task. In fact, it can get worse with custom-coded apps. However, the advanced technologies remove this hindrance, and bring comfort and ease.

As most of the process is automated and you are primarily the retailer of the apps, you get ample time to relax. The maintenance load is almost negligible and you can use the time to build and sell more apps to a bigger clientele. 

#4- Get maximum ROI with minimum investment

Maximum output with minimum investment

The investment of time, effort, money and other resources can get almost halved, or even lesser, with reseller programs. You get the advantage of choosing your preferences from a well-packaged ensemble of the best features without any hassle.

Besides, competitive pricing plans and fixed billing cycles also reduce the costing. However, it does not interfere with the returns that you can harvest. Clearly, you can cultivate high ROI (Return on Investment) with minimum input and quantify all the data easily.

#5- Ensure brand exclusivity with White labelled solution!

White labelled mobile app reseller

One of the primary concerns of the reseller program or getting a third party for building apps is the branding. In order to maintain your brand exclusivity, only choose a white labelled solution, like the one offered by AppMySite.

Creating white label apps can help you in your marketing and branding endeavors. By doing so, you can abate the third-party intervention and endorse the app as your own. This, in turn, helps with the growth and recognition of your brand name and value. 

Join AppMySite reseller program now!

Join AppMySite reseller program

Evidently, joining a reseller program can amplify your app development business and give you ample time to channelize your potential elsewhere. It can turn out to be the most productive and growth-oriented step for your brand.

AppMySite is the best mobile app builder for resellers that can ensure the wholesome growth of your agency. The AI powered app maker has all that it takes to build and manage an endless number of apps effortlessly.

You can join our reseller program without any hassle and build apps for your customers. All our plans come with added benefits and attractive discounts that ensure value for your money. So, what is the wait for? Join the league of our resellers and scale to success now!

Boost your brand image with AppMySite’s white label mobile app solution

Boost your brand image with AppMySite’s white label mobile app solution

A mobile app is a good enough proof that you are moving with the trend and investing in the latest technology. AppMySite has empowered small businesses to build affordable mobile apps in a no-code platform. 

We understand that mobile apps are the new weapons to give a boost to your sales and brand which is why our app builder is especially designed for businesses who can’t invest an enormous budget in building an app. 

While on our journey to extend an affordable app builder, we realised that a white label solution could give businesses a further boost and exhibit a more professional image of their brand. 

There are two ways that we made our white label mobile app available to our customers:

  1. Mobile app reseller program
  2. Annual Pro Plan 

Let’s see how you can implement a white label mobile app solution in your business: 

Reseller program 

Reseller Program

Anyone can become a mobile app reseller with AppMySite. Add a new wing to your business by joining hands with our app reseller program and build high performance native apps. 

Build countless mobile applications under one account and manage them too. Design various aspects of your client’s mobile app including app icon, splash screen, login screen, forgot password screen, app theme and your home screen (dashboard). 

Your app can be designed and connected to your website within minutes, without you having any technical background. 

Start by choosing from multiple flexible plans and register your business. Once you know how many apps you want to build under our reseller program, you can simply get in touch with us and we’ll help you with a suitable discount. This discount can be availed on a recurring basis.

If and when you reach your threshold and build more apps than you initially started with, simply inform us and we’ll apply a bigger discount on your total bill, which can also be availed on a recurring basis. 

You can proudly call yourself a mobile app reseller by building white label apps for all your clients under this program. 

Annual Pro Plan 

Annual Pro Plan

Businesses who don’t intend on registering for a reseller program, but simply want a white label mobile app can opt for this solution. 

We understand the importance of branding and the impact it creates on your clientele. Considering while label can give your mobile app a more professional image, we have introduced it as a part of our Annual Pro Plan. 

All you have to do it subscribe to our Annual Pro Plan and get a white label mobile app free. Now simply register for our plan to build your iOS or Android mobile app on a yearly basis and get the white label add-on, free of cost. 


AppMySite makes it possible for businesses to adapt to the latest technology within reasonable means. Build your white label mobile app for free today!

Join AppMySite mobile app reseller program and expand your business

Join AppMySite mobile app reseller program and expand your business

Mobile technology is rapidly changing the ambiance around us and bringing the world to our fingertips. Apps, especially, have started impacting our lives, influencing it and shaping it.

Businesses are harnessing this possibility and turning to apps for roundabout success. The emergence of DIY app building solutions has made it easier to convert websites to mobile apps. It is helping businesses, both big and small, in attracting mobile friendly customers.

As app development has become easier and more affordable, the demand of apps is also increasing constantly. Numerous apps are being added to the stores each day and the market is only going to expand in the coming days.

This is clearly the best time to become a mobile app reseller and earn huge revenue. Use your existing consumers or target new ones to expand your business. Read further and discover more about AppMySite mobile app reseller program.

AppMySite app reseller program: An overview

AppMySite mobile app reseller program

The AppMySite mobile app reseller program is an endeavor meant to empower businesses that wish to earn revenue by creating mobile apps for their customers. Unlike traditional custom development, it does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Gone are the days when you had to invest a huge sum of money, hire a team of expert technicians and wait for ages to build an app or get one delivered. It not only drained the resources, but also took a substantial amount of manpower and productive hours.

However, you can now say goodbye to all that commotion and build apps in bulk, in a smarter, quicker and more affordable way. Whether you are a development company, an agency, a start-up or even an individual, you can easily cater to your customers.

You can also deploy your workforce, big or small, to build apps with our instant DIY solution and sell apps in bulk. The dynamic AI powered system and the industry-friendly reseller program makes it a complete package. It has the absolute potential to expand your business and increase your revenue.

Key highlights of the reseller program

Our mobile app reseller program comes with a huge range of benefits and viable features. These beneficial features enable you to create the best mobile apps for your clientele and establish a parallel revenue channel.

The most notable features and advantages of the program have been discussed below:

a. Code-free app building

Build code free apps

The best thing about AppMySite mobile app maker is that you can build high-functional premium apps in a totally code-free environment. You can create premium native apps without going through the painstaking task of writing codes.

It can be accomplished without any special technical knowledge or expertise. Besides, you do not just build any hybrid or web-view app with an average performance. In fact, AppMySite enables you to create high performing premium native apps.

These apps are highly responsive and better than the basic applications. It is also capable of using the resources of the device. The apps can be created in one go within minutes. Else, you can also spend time perfecting it, and deliver the best experience to you consumers.

b. Engaging UI/UX

Build code free apps

As stated above, the native apps built using AppMySite mobile app creator, are highly responsive, fast and smooth. The basic layout is totally customizable and you can be sure of a personalized brand experience for your consumers.

The user interface is smooth and enables frictionless navigation. The apps remain in complete sync with the consumers’ websites and ensure a coherent experience. The app pages, screens, buttons and sections like landing page, banners, user-onboarding page, category tiles, and more, can all be customized and designed well.

You can use custom images, logos, icons, background, etc., or use the resources and free image library present within the builder. All these features collectively, ensure a smooth user experience and henceforth, boost conversions.

c. Free in-app tools

Free communication tools

There are multiple in-app tools that come for free and leverage the experience for both, the retail business owners and the app users. These tools add more value to the features and functionalities of the mobile app.

For instance, the app comes with an intuitive analytics dashboard that helps the owners to keep a track of the installations and monitor the periodic growth in the number of downloads. It also gives an overview of the purchases and subscriptions.

Other tools include a Push Notification dashboard for sending push messages to users about latest updates, offers, etc., and Social Media Integration to link social media accounts and pages. These tools not only leverage the performance of the app but also facilitate communication and marketing initiatives.

d. Instant app delivery

Instant mobile app building

As a mobile app reseller that is providing apps to its customers in bulk, time is a vital resource and treasure for you. The last thing you would want, is an app development system that makes you wait for ages for product delivery.

Say no to this age-old draining tradition and build apps instantly with our app builder. You can sign up for the platform and start building apps straight away. Build apps within minutes as you brew and sip your coffee.

Else, you can spend time in perfecting it, and making it even more appealing. The apps can thereafter easily be tested and published on the stores. The entire process can be completed at your own convenient time as you enjoy end-to-end control throughout the process.

e. Multi-platform support

Build Android and iOS apps

The world of mobile app users is widely divided into Android and iOS users. While the debate of choosing the best is never ending for them, you can choose to cover both. Cater to all kinds of mobile devices and build apps for both the platforms.

AppMySite allows you to choose your own package and you can create apps for both, Android and iOS users. The apps built with AppMySite align with the guidelines of both the app stores, i.e., Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

You can help your clients in covering a wider demography and ensuring no potential customer is left out. Build, customize, preview and publish apps for both Android and iOS users and earn huge profit margins. Widen your scope and grow your brand unprecedentedly.

f. Viable Add-ons

Leverage app with add-ons


AppMySite mobile app builder comes with a range of add-on products that make the app building, publishing, using and even app marketing processes, a smooth deal. These products further enhance the quality of the app and boost the performance too.

For instance, in order to ensure better rank and visibility for the apps created, you can opt for ASO (App Store Optimization) support. This helps clients in attracting more eye-balls and getting more app downloads.

The list of add-on benefits offered by AppMySite is quite big and totally viable. It helps you in curating a complete app supply solution that is well-packaged, with a range of features and benefits. Look out for the desired add-on products and add them to your subscription, or as desired, for a wholesome experience.

Hassle free solution for absolute success

Create app without any hassle

AppMySite reseller program is swift, robust and seamless enough to make the entire journey hassle free and totally productive. It is highly cost effective, and can be truly beneficial for you in the long run. You can widen the scope of your brand and earn huge margin profits by reselling apps to your clients.

As discussed below, there are three pillars to this journey that make it viable and smooth:

a. Sign up as a Reseller

Set your business goals, study the market and your target audience, fathom the budget and proceed. Sign up for AppMySite as a reseller and set on the journey of success through app building.

Select a plan from our wide range of packages, as per your business requirements & client strength. Use our robust DIY app building solution and take your brand to new heights.

b. Create & Manage multiple apps

Creating and managing apps with AppMySite mobile app builder is a cakewalk. Enter the app building portal and easily create as many premium native apps as you want.

The builder comes with ample tool tips and tutorials to guide you or your workforce through the process. Use the intuitive dashboard to easily manage all the apps created for your consumers.

c. Get attractive discounts

AppMySite offers total value for money and ensures best prices in the industry for creating fully featured native apps. You can avail a discount of up to 25% on the reseller plan that you choose.

Create and sell more apps to earn higher discounts and get the total worth of your investment. Get enormous profits on margins, expand your business and earn huge revenues like never before.

Tap into the high-demand market now!

 Enter mobile market

As evident, the mobile app industry is constantly expanding and is turning out to be the most promising business endeavour. The mobile app usage trends and statistics, all conform to the fact that the world will be ruled by mobile devices in the coming time.

In fact, we can say that the above stated phenomenon has already initiated and mobile apps are into play. This is the right time and the high time to make use of the best mobile app reseller program by AppMySite and enter the app building industry with a boom.

What more? Well, you can also follow our informative and entertaining blogs and YouTube videos to learn more about the latest mobile app trends and marketing techniques. Do not just create and sell apps, but build a brand niche that gives your competitors a run for their money. Wait no more! Join the program and become a mobile app reseller now!

Build an app with AppMySite!

Level up your online game with AppMySite. Get a mobile app that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Build an app with AppMySite!

Level up your online game with AppMySite. Get a mobile app that will keep your customers coming back for more.