Boost your brand image with AppMySite’s white label mobile app solution

Boost your brand image with AppMySite’s white label mobile app solution

A mobile app is a good enough proof that you are moving with the trend and investing in the latest technology. AppMySite has empowered small businesses to build affordable mobile apps in a no-code platform. 

We understand that mobile apps are the new weapons to give a boost to your sales and brand which is why our app builder is especially designed for businesses who can’t invest an enormous budget in building an app. 

While on our journey to extend an affordable app builder, we realised that a white label solution could give businesses a further boost and exhibit a more professional image of their brand. 

There are two ways that we made our white label mobile app available to our customers:

  1. Mobile app reseller program
  2. Annual Pro Plan 

Let’s see how you can implement a white label mobile app solution in your business: 

Reseller program 

Reseller Program

Anyone can become a mobile app reseller with AppMySite. Add a new wing to your business by joining hands with our app reseller program and build high performance native apps. 

Build countless mobile applications under one account and manage them too. Design various aspects of your client’s mobile app including app icon, splash screen, login screen, forgot password screen, app theme and your home screen (dashboard). 

Your app can be designed and connected to your website within minutes, without you having any technical background. 

Start by choosing from multiple flexible plans and register your business. Once you know how many apps you want to build under our reseller program, you can simply get in touch with us and we’ll help you with a suitable discount. This discount can be availed on a recurring basis.

If and when you reach your threshold and build more apps than you initially started with, simply inform us and we’ll apply a bigger discount on your total bill, which can also be availed on a recurring basis. 

You can proudly call yourself a mobile app reseller by building white label apps for all your clients under this program. 

Annual Pro Plan 

Annual Pro Plan

Businesses who don’t intend on registering for a reseller program, but simply want a white label mobile app can opt for this solution. 

We understand the importance of branding and the impact it creates on your clientele. Considering while label can give your mobile app a more professional image, we have introduced it as a part of our Annual Pro Plan. 

All you have to do it subscribe to our Annual Pro Plan and get a white label mobile app free. Now simply register for our plan to build your iOS or Android mobile app on a yearly basis and get the white label add-on, free of cost. 


AppMySite makes it possible for businesses to adapt to the latest technology within reasonable means. Build your white label mobile app for free today!

Announcement: Now create and preview your mobile apps on a real device

Announcement: Now create and preview your mobile apps on a real device

Mobile apps are ruling the world and have now become the go-to source for businesses. It is helping brands, big and small, in entering the mobile market and catalyzing the growth.

AppMySite understands this well and is hence, dedicated to the mission of leveraging the potential of businesses by providing world class app building solutions.

You can gladly ditch the traditional methods of app development that required hefty investments, huge team of hired technicians and experts, and a long wait time for delivery.

Instead, go for the modern DIY solution and make your own app without coding with AppMySite. It is efficient, affordable, quick and a complete package for all your app building needs.

As promised, we are also tracing one step at a time and unboxing new gifts for you regularly. AppMySite mobile app creator is now here with ‘test on a real device’ feature. Stay tuned and discover more about it…

Know what the buzz is all about 

Build app

Your business is your brainchild, nurtured with dedicated efforts and investment. Therefore, any step that you take for the growth and expansion of your business, should be totally rewarding and foolproof.

The app that you create to complement your online store should also be high-performing and flawless. At AppMySite, we ensure that all your efforts turn out to be absolutely fruitful and do not go in vain at all.

With our latest tools and enriched system, you get many advantages over a regular mobile app builder. It is powered with AI technology and enables you to create affordable, yet premium native apps.

‘Preview’ and ‘Test on real device’ are the unique features that allow you to:

  • Get an end to end control over the entire app building process
  • Make the process foolproof and flawless with multiple previews
  • Perfect your app and the app details at each and every step 

 Let us explore the two additional, but important features in detail:

a. Preview apps as you proceed

Once you are signed in and you have provided all the basic details, you get redirected to the app builder. Here, you go through a step by step process where you can create and perfect your app.

As you proceed to personalize your app and you design the app icon, logo, launch screen, layout theme, and more, you can check and re-check it. While you enter all the details and complete every step, you can preview your changes parallelly. 

The ‘Preview’ panel located on the second-half of the app builder screen, works like a simulator and reflects all the changes made by you. You can keep assessing all the changes to experiment and update, until you get the desired result. 

b. Test your app on a mobile device

While the ‘preview’ feature allows you to check the progress of your app building process, this feature lets you have an overview of the fully built app. You can get a first hand experience of your app like a customer by using this feature.

Once you are done building and chiseling your app to perfection, you can proceed to test it. You can do it in either of the two ways discussed below:

  1. Test the fully built app on the very device you have used to build your app. Just open the simulator and ‘Test your app’ by scrolling through it.

  2. Download the ‘Demo App’ of AppMySite for iOS or Android from the relevant app stores, and log-in with your credentials. Open and test the app on your mobile device thoroughly.

Once satisfied, proceed to upgrade the plan and publish your app on the preferred app stores (Google Play Store &/or Apple App Store).

Build the perfect app perfectly!

Build app in 3 easy steps

Whoever said making an app is a Herculean task, actually did not have the right aid. But you do! Build a fully-featured AI powered native app that comes with a responsive design, customizable layout and viable features.

Sign up and create your app in a visually directive environment with ample support of tips, tutorials, and more. What else? Many features like Social Media integration, Payment Gateway integration and Push Notification Dashboard, come for FREE!

Create app with AppMySite free online app maker for Android and iOS and test it thoroughly to be sure. Proceed to upgrade your plan and publish it on your preferred stores. Go and conquer your space now!

Do not forget to follow us to keep the new announcements, updates and latest informative and entertaining blogs pouring in.

Get in touch with us directly or checkout the following links to know more.


Announcement: AppMySite launches its WordPress mobile app plugin

Announcement: AppMySite launches its WordPress mobile app plugin

AppMySite is dedicated to providing wholesome and high-quality solutions to its customers. Adding to our list of these viable products & tools is the WordPress mobile app plugin.

It has now become even more easy to build a mobile app for your website. We have replaced the age old technical and complex methods of app building that required a team of hired experts and a whole lot of efforts, money and time.

As well known, WordPress stands as a popular choice for building websites. With time and age, it has evolved as a huge community that continues to grow.

Although there are numerous WordPress plugins already available to elevate the performance of these websites, ours has an exclusive and premium touch to it. So, if you own a WordPress website, stay tuned and discover what we have in store for you.

Benefits of WordPress plugin for your business

WordPress plugins are the apps or software that when installed to your WordPress website, amp up its performance. Different plugins are used for adding or grooming different functions or functionalities.

However, with AppMySite WordPress mobile app plugin, you can do more than that. You can build your own full-fledged mobile app within minutes, in a completely code-free environment.

It has a number of commercial applications and holds strong significance in the era of dominant mobile technology. Today, any business or brand is incomplete without an app and AppMySite is helping in crossing the chasm.

You can use AppMySite WordPress mobile app plugin for the following purposes:

Convert your WordPress blog to mobile app

The app-based blogging industry is on a rise and people prefer mobile devices over websites for reading. Apps bring in more engagement and views on your content. You can also be sure of higher reach and better branding.

So, if you are an expert in your field or even if you blog just for fun, you can turn your website into app and elevate your reach. Use our WordPress plugin to get an app for your mobile-loving readers. Attract more traffic and increase the popularity of your blogs.

Convert your CMS website to mobile app

The application, uses and benefits of our WordPress plugin also extends to CMS (Content Management System) pages. You can easily convert your CMS pages websites into a mobile app without much effort.

Manage your brand and business efficiently with mobile CMS. The flexibility and ease of use increases, and you are able to channelize your efforts towards productive endeavours. The mobile app also uses the resources of the app user’s device and makes the experience even more convenient.

Convert WooCommerce store to mobile app

The mobile retail industry is one a rise like never before. Many retail and eCommerce businesses are complementing their online stores with mobile apps. And now, you can join the league too.

Create a premium app for your online shoppers and offer them a convenient shopping experience. Convert your online store into a fully-featured mobile app that enriches the experience of buying and selling.

Suggested Read: The Top 12 Must Have Plugins for WordPress Websites in 2020

Steps to install AppMySite WordPress plugin

Convert your website into three easy steps

The journey of getting an app with AppMySite is really simple and hassle-free. Once you have signed up for the platform and customized your app design & layout, you can proceed to install the plugin.

It involves three major steps, as discussed below:

1. Download

The first step is to download the plugin. Click on the ‘Download’ option, and then login to the backend of your website to add it. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Upload’ plugin option.

2. Activate

Once you are done with the design, you will be redirected to the backend of your website. After you have downloaded the plugin, click on ‘Activate’ to set it in action.

3. Verify

Once the plugin installation is complete, you can get back to the app builder and verify it. Just click on the ‘Verify’ button to check it and to finally sync your website and your app. 

For a more detailed insight on the process, you can also go to our Knowledge Base and learn how to download the AppMySite WordPress Plugin.

Create your WordPress mobile app & reap the benefits

Now that you know all about our product, it’s time to make use of it. Sign up for our platform and start creating and customizing your app instantly.

Integrate the plugin with your website and get a fully functional app within minutes. Preview it and publish it on the app stores of your choice (Google Play Store &/or Apple App Store). That’s it! You will have an app for your Android and iOS users with minimal effort and investment.

Create an app and enter the mobile market without any hassle. Keep following us to stay updated of the new announcements and to know more about the ongoing trends of the mobile industry. 

Get in touch with us directly or checkout the following links to know more.

Announcement: Now download your app with AppMySite and launch it on the app stores

Announcement: Now download your app with AppMySite and launch it on the app stores

A new feather to AppMySite’s cap is being added each day. Succeeding our launch of WordPress and WooCommerce mobile app builders and plugins, we have now enabled the processing of payments for our users.

With a plethora of benefits being offered by AppMySite, choosing the best WooCommerce native app builder is a no brainer now. The exquisite range of features and affordable packages make it a smart and reasonable choice for one and all. 

We are dedicated to our vision of providing wholesome and quality solutions for our customers. While businesses can tap into the mobile market with our WooCommerce app builder, bloggers can create WordPress apps and leverage their potential.

Stay tuned and discover what’s cooking here at AppMySite and how it is going to benefit you and your business in the long run.

Thank you for your overwhelming response!

 Before we proceed to unlock our pandora, we would like to send virtual hugs of gratitude for your overwhelming response. It has left us in awe, further inspiring and fueling us to work with surplus zeal and added ambitions.

A huge number of people have signed up for our platform and have already started creating apps. If you are one of them, then accept a big THANK YOU from our team for the patience and trust you have shown. 

We assure you that we will never let you down. We will keep our creativity brewing and our efforts amped up to deliver the best for you. Stay with us as we keep unboxing more wonderful and viable gifts for you in the coming days.

Our one step at a time towards perfection…

Our team of experts here are always busy chiseling things to the edge of perfection. We bring it to you once we are sure of every aspect of it. And now, we are unlocking our payment option for our subscribers. 

If you have already built an app with us, or are willing to, you need not wait any more to get it delivered. Our end-to-end process of app building is going live and you can now get your apps without any delay.

Many of you have already built your app for free, carved it to perfection and are probably now waiting to publish it and make it live for your consumers. The new is that now you easily can! 

You can now sign up for the platform, create & personalize your app, choose your preferred plan to pay & upgrade, and submit your app to get published. All at one go! Your success in the mobile app market is literally just a few clicks away now. 

Get your app now

Get your app now!

The mobile market is blooming and mCommerce is on a growth like never before. So, if you are willing to create android app online without coding or wish to tap into the iOS market, this is the right time. 

Now that you have a full-fledged app building solution at your fingertips, its time to proceed. If you have already created your app and enriched it will a compelling layout & design, then proceed to pay for your preferred plan and get your app live.

However, if you have still not signed up for AppMySite, you can proceed to do that and begin your app building journey. Go ahead and explore our app builder, create your app & preview it for free. Choose your plan and pay for it securely and effortlessly, to reach billions of mobile phone users.

What more? Well, as promised, there are many more exciting updates in our pipeline, that can leverage your business potential and propel your growth. Like we said, we are moving towards perfection, one step at a time.

Sign up for AppMySite and build a premium native app for your mobile friendly customers. To know more about us or the ever-evolving mobile industry, you can read our blogs and follow us on social media.

We are present here:

Or, you can also get in touch with us directly! We will be more than happy to assist you! Have a great day ahead and do not forget to seize it! 

Announcement: AppMySite launches app builder for CMS pages website

Announcement: AppMySite launches app builder for CMS pages website

Mobile apps made their debut in the year 2008, the same time as Apple went live with its App Store and welcomed “third-party apps” to be downloaded on the user’s phone directly. 

From snake games on our Nokia phones to a mobile app for every possible service we can imagine, the mobile app industry has come a long way. And so, have we. 

AppMySite ushered small and mid-scale businesses to build e-commerce and blog apps in the most affordable manner. The successful release of our WordPress mobile app builder helped us extend our app builder for CMS websites too. 

The premium features of our app builder are now available for “pages only” websites. Start your journey to build a stunning app for your CMS website: 

It’s time to get serious about our fun features 

Features of AppMySite

The newly launched app maker by AppMySite for CMS websites, build on WordPress, is unlike any DIY builder may have interacted with. 

Besides making it enormously easy for non-technical people to build their mobile app all by themselves, AppMySite also focuses on catering to business who don’t intend on spending a fortune to build their apps. Having said that, the app builder in no way compromises with the quality of the apps delivered. 

Businesses that own websites which only covers text pages, without any products/services or blogs can convert their website into an app easily. For instance: businesses that build websites to showcase their work in their field, their journey and more can make their app with our app builder. 

It’s your turn to convert your WordPress CMS website into a high-performance app with AppMySite. 

Introducing AppMySite for CMS websites

AppMySite for CMS website

Powered with Artificial Intelligence, AppMySite is amongst the best app builder to offer an accessible and comprehensible solution to build apps. Let’s discuss a few highlights that you will get when you sign up:

1. Code free development

It’s time to move away from the process of complicated app development that involves hiring developers, designers and project managers to build an app. AppMySite’s user-friendly platform empowers people with no technical knowledge to come up with most ecstatic apps. 

2. Quick app delivery 

An evening well spent on our app builder is good enough to come up with a full-blown app for your business. You can develop, design and populate all the pages from your website to your app in no time. 

3. Personalised app theme 

While our app builder supports most popular WordPress themes, you can also go about playing with colours and images to design your very own theme. Select images from our free library or upload your own images to create your app icon, launch screen and much more. 

4. Design app layout

Create an easy to navigate app layout with our app builder. Designing the main header, the banner and the app menu on your dashboard is easier than you can imagine. Organise your home screen by showcasing important sections with a fully customizable solution. 

5. Send push notifications 

The very reason to build mobile apps is to connect with customers on a regular basis. Push notifications are a step ahead of any other medium of marketing. Now schedule and send latest updates to your patrons through push notifications. 

6. Preview app

To eliminate the possibility of going wrong anywhere, you can preview your app while it’s in the making. While you make changes and design your app, a section of the app builder is dedicated to showcasing your design real time. 

If you are happy with the progress, you can download the app on a real device and test it thoroughly, without paying a buck. To publish the app on app stores, upgrade from the free trial plan to a paid plan. 

7. Add-on support 

Besides ensuring your app building expedition was smooth, AppMySite extends its services after you’ve built your app too. To power up your mobile app, subscribe to our premium add-ons that include “App Store Optimization”, “App Store Migration” and “White Label Solution” 

8. WooCommerce plugin integration

If at any point of time you decide to add products to your website and convert it into an e-commerce store by integrating the WooCommerce plugin, you will be able to effortlessly add them to your app without much ado. You can sync all the products and automatically populate your app. 

Discover how easy it is to build your app with AppMySite

convert your website to app

Cinch your way into building a perfect mobile app with AppMySite’s free online app maker. Like we said, the user-friendly interface of the app builder helps create an app within no time and without much efforts. 

Let’s briefly discuss a few simple steps that you can follow: 

1. Sign up 

Choose from an array of flexible plans to sign up. Once you’ve signed up, you can access your dashboard by verifying your email address through a link sent on your registered email ID. 

Fill in details of your website URL, website type and finally, a name of your app. If you wish to create multiple apps with us, you can do it right from your dashboard under one account. 

2. Develop & design

It’s almost magical that you can develop your app and design it too, without acquiring any technical skills. 

The primary step involves getting the appearance of your app in line by crafting an app icon, a splash screen and the complete theme of the app. 

The next step will allow you to download the AppMySite WordPress plugin that will automatically connect your app to the website and sync them together. 

Like we said, anyone can create an app. Even if you do get stuck, you can follow the tool tips. Moreover, you can also refer to our extensive Knowledge base that covers each and every step of building your app in detail. 

3. Publish 

Besides seeing your app getting build real-time, you can also download it on your personal device to see how it operates. The App Preview will allow you to download your app. 

If you are happy with your app, you can move to a paid plan to publish it on Apple App Store or Google Play Store or both. 

You can launch your app from your own developer account on both the app stores. If you don’t have a app developer account, you can include “App Migration” as an add-on. When you sign up for this add-on, we will publish the app on your behalf while you sit back and relax. 

As a part of this step, you can always sign up for other add-ons to supercharge your mobile app. 

Build your app with and on AppMySite 

AppMySite is everything that you can imagine to build your mobile app solution. Imagine being able to seamlessly connect with your customers, without waiting them to visit your website after several email reminders.

Get your own high-performance, fast and powerful CMS mobile app in an affordable budget and a limited time-frame. Start with a free-trial today. 

Announcement: AppMySite mobile app maker for WordPress blogs is now live

Announcement: AppMySite mobile app maker for WordPress blogs is now live

The world is confining on our palmtops and the reliability on mobile phones is increasing day by day. More and more businesses are willing to complement their websites with apps and expanding their territory.

AppMySite rose to this occasion and built the perfect mobile app builder for WooCommerce websites. Businesses, big and small, are now turning their website into an app for Android and iPhone users and growing their revenue. 

Extending its legacy, AppMySite has now come up with its mobile app maker for WordPress blogs. The exquisite range of features and benefits can now be accessed by blog owners.

Stay tuned and take a tour of our native WordPress mobile app builder. Go through the guide and create a fully featured app for your blog lovers. 

Know what the excitement is all about

Launch of AppMySite WordPress app builder

Well! It is all about being able to cater to a number of creative and competitive bloggers who are willing to expand. We are more than happy, as we announce the launch of AppMySite’s new WordPress mobile app creator.

The search of an affordable yet efficient app builder often ended in disappointment for bloggers. But, not anymore! We looked for the prime requisites of content creators and carefully curated the list of their requirements. Then, we coupled it with extensive research, hard work and latest technology to build the final product.

We can now say that your search for the best WordPress mobile app builder ends here. If you have quality blogs, appealing content and the will to expand your readership, we have you covered. Continue reading and know more about the features and benefits of our new product. 

Say hello to a range of new features!

Features of AppMySite WordPress app builder

In order to build the best WordPress app for your readers, you will have to offer endless attractive features. AppMySite ensures all such features that enable you to create a premium app and stand out amidst your competitors. 

The most viable features of AppMySite WordPress mobile app builder are:

1. User friendly

AppMySite fulfils the very purpose of being a DIY mobile app builder and ensures an easy experience for people who create the apps. It saves your effort, labour, time and money and becomes the best alternative to the conventional methods.

2. Code-free environment

AppMySite has totally eliminated the need of complex app development processes that required technicians, coders, designers, huge team of experts, hefty budget and a long time. You work in a code free environment that is enriched with a visual and directive environment. Interface of the app builder is frictionless & smooth, and intuitively guides the user in making the app.

3. Affordable & native apps

AppMySite creates full-fledged native apps that are highly responsive and use the resources of the device. The packages are designed to cater to the needs of varied brands and different requirements. The best in industry prices make it a treat for small businesses. You can create your app for free and easily choose your plan to upgrade and publish. 

4. Instant delivery

It is one of the most viable features of AppMySite WordPress mobile app creator. You do not need to take out special time or ensure dedicated phases to develop your app. You can easily sign up for the platform and create & publish your app, all in one go. It hardly takes few minutes and you can create your app while listening to your favourite playlist or munching your favourite snacks. 

5. Multi-platform support

In order to reach a wider user base, you must target all kinds of users. With AppMySite, you can easily create apps for both Android and iOS users and cater to a wider audience. The packages are accordingly customizable and enable you to publish app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

6. Marketing support

You can get extensive marketing support with AppMySite for maximum exposure and visibility. For instance, it comes with Social Media Integration feature and Push Notifications dashboard for free. It can help you in interacting and engaging freely with your existing, lapsed, new and potential users. Share your app, content, blogs, and more, on various social media platforms by linking the pages. Communicate new offers & updates to your readers through push notifications. 

7. Theme support

AppMySite offers support for all popular WordPress themes thereby incorporating all kinds of blogs and CMS pages. The apps remain in complete sync with your website. Besides, the users are also allowed to create their own theme by adding customized app logo, icon, banners, landing page, and more. Users also have access to a free image library which they can use to choose images for designing their app. 

8. Preview support

Imagine creating an app, paying & publishing for it, and then realizing a mistake! It is nothing short of a blunder. But, with AppMySite, you do not need to worry about making irreversible mistakes. As you proceed to make design changes, you can keep scrutinizing every step parallelly on the preview pane. You can also check your fully built app on a simulator. This reduces the chances of mistakes and allows you to create app with perfection.

9. User analytics

It is important to keep a periodic track of your installations and app performance. AppMySite comes with an analytics dashboard that allows you to track the same. It is divided into two sections, one dedicated to the Android app and the other to the iOS app. You can monitor your installs and downloads under the ‘App Analytics’ section and act accordingly. You can also track your active and inactive subscriptions, billing details, and more. 

10. WooCommerce integration

Besides offering entertaining and informative blogs and content, you can also earn revenue by selling products and merchandize. Make use of AppMySite WooCommerce integration feature and complement your blog app with shopping app features. Enable people to buy and pay for products and grow your income infinitely.  

The list of benefits is unending…

Benefits of the new update

Getting an app for your blog website can open new doors to progress. While many heavyweights and many top-notch bloggers already have an app for their blog website, others are soon catching up. They have understood that the chances of popularity are higher and the number of benefits is endless with an app.

The most salient advantages of building an app are as listed below:

1. Easy accessibility 

WordPress apps built by AppMySite make your blogs easily accessible for your customers. With features like online & offline access and usability of device resources and information, sharing and receiving content becomes more advanced. Apps also have a personalized & interactive appeal that boosts communication and helps procure customized content. 

2. Higher reach 

According to BuzzFeed, its app users view 22 to 25 times more content than the website. Clearly, apps can help you in earning higher engagements and broader reach. This applies to all kinds of blogs and increases productivity for all bloggers. The expanded reach, in turn, leads to higher revenues, more session times, increased ASO and SEO potential, and more. 

3. Better branding

Creating a premium app can boost your brand value and recognition. It adds a 360-degree marketing calibre to your business, and projects you as an all-rounder. By telling people that you can also cater to the billions of mobile phone users, you communicate your brand scope and strength. This appeals people and also helps you to build social proof and garner more attention. 

4. Publicity support

You really do not need to worry about your marketing endeavours if you create app with AppMySite. The app maintenance dashboard comes with free inbuilt marketing tools like Social Media Integration and Push Notifications dashboard. Send instant updates to your readers and social media followers and allow them to share it further. This will boost your publicity and branding efforts. 

5. Futuristic appeal

As the world is coming closer and mobility is increasing, our reliability on apps is bound to expand. Apps clearly, are the future of every industry. Hence, by creating a WordPress app, you will make your brand future-ready and your growth curve will not decline with passing time. As the app technology is ever evolving and enriching, you will also stay in sync with the trends and benefits. 

6. Enrich with Add-ons

Once you have built and customized your app, you can enrich it with add-on tools. AppMySite has a finely curated list of additional products & features, that can further elevate the performance of your app. These features can be important from both functionalities, or marketing point of view. You can choose from a wide range of features like White label apps for brand exclusivity, App Store Optimization services for better ranks & visibility on app stores, Multilingual app for wider coverage & reach, inclusive of a lot more. Go for integration of these features before you publish your app, or as convenient. 

Make app as you brew & sip your coffee

Create app with AppMySite

When we say that creating an app with AppMySite is a cakewalk, we mean it. You can create your app within minutes at your own leisure time. You can also spend the desired time in perfecting the theme and layout as you are the sole master of it.

Just follow the few simple steps discussed below and create your app all by yourself:

1. Create

The first step obviously, is to Register for the platform. Open the website and create an account on AppMySite. All you need, is to enter the basic credentials and set a password. Once the account is made, and the email verification is complete, you can create your app any time.

What more? You get access to an intuitive dashboard where you can create and publish your apps. Yes! You heard it right! You can create more than one app under one account registration. You can start building your app as soon as you have registered.

2. Personalize

You actually start creating your app at this step. This is the stage where you manifest your thoughts and execute your plan. Enter the details of your website and start building your app immediately. Create and customize the various screens, pages, buttons, and more, to make it appealing. Add brand-identical and eye-catching app logo & icon, design interactive splash screen, and more.

AppMySite comes with an extensive Knowledge Base and tool tips at every stage. Although the steps are really easy, you can take help from the tips & tutorials, if needed. You can also preview your action at each stage and be sure of it before you proceed to the next. To know more about designing perfect apps, you can take help from AppMySite blogs and videos. 

3. Publish

Here comes the most awaited and the final stage where you publish your app for your readers. Publishing the app with AppMySite is really easy as most of the things are already taken care of. All you need, is to choose the app store to publish your app (Google Play Store &/or Apple App Store) and fill out the submission form for it.  

Submit your app to publish it and sit back and relax. App review and ‘go-live’ take a little while and you get notified when the store approves your app. By the time it gets live, you can get back to prepping up for your marketing & launch strategy and focus on attracting those initial downloads.

Get going without much ado! 

Make WordPress app now

Jimmy Maymann, CEO of The Huffington Post, lately stated, that the users who downloaded ‘The Huffington Post’ mobile app, viewed ten times more content than the website users who visit their mobile site.

Statements like these, coupled with factors like the popularity of reading apps and Kindle, ensure, that apps are the future of reading. A full-fledged WordPress app can amp up your brand value and readership, and also make you future ready.

Whether you own a team of bloggers or run things single-handedly, an app can increase your productivity. It can increase user engagement and lead your brand to popularity and success. It’s time you tap into these possibilities and benefits. 

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Build an app with AppMySite!

Level up your online game with AppMySite. Get a mobile app that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Build an app with AppMySite!

Level up your online game with AppMySite. Get a mobile app that will keep your customers coming back for more.