Build an app for your gaming blog website and go mobile

Build an app for your gaming blog website and go mobile

The online gaming industry is not just limited to gaming apps today. The game frenzy and tech savvy crowd is harnessing a variety of products and services, including gaming blogs.

The options are endless and smartphones have become the go to device for access to all options. All the businesses across the globe are adapting to the change and preparing themselves for the mobile market.

Even blog owners are resorting to reading apps to serve informative and entertaining content to the audience. News apps, education apps, lifestyle apps, etc., are the significant examples of this change.

Today, we will discuss the importance of converting your WordPress site to a mobile app and the tips that will make your gaming blog app the go-to destination for gaming geeks!

The winning partnership of games and blogs

Winning partnership of games and blogs

If you are a gaming geek and love sharing information and news from the gaming world with your audience, the market is all open for you.

Evidently, the partnership of games and blogs is quite robust as rapid developments keep taking place in the online gaming world. Gamers rely on such blogs to keep themselves updated on everything.

For instance, popular gaming blogs like GoNintendo, UK Resistance, VG247, and more are all getting infinite visitors and setting new goals each day.

Each of them has their own signature style, niche audience, targeted market, and modus operandi. But the common thread in the popular ones is the awareness towards technological changes.

One such significant and beneficial change is the escalation and migration of traffic from eCommerce to mCommerce as mobile apps have become the ultimate tool for people.

The benefits of converting your blogs to an app are also many! It marks your presence in the mobile industry and builds an additional channel of traffic, revenue, popularity, engagement, and more.

Proceed with a smart strategy & robust plan

 If you are wondering how to achieve all the benefits discussed above, the answer is simple – a premium app with user-friendly features.

You can follow the tips listed below and ensure a secure post for your blogging business in the mobile market. Let us begin:

#1: Build your niche readership

Find your business goals and audience

While a website is significant for creating brand awareness, app helps you in retaining existing clientele and readership. So, carry out ample research and set your goals accordingly.

Run and channelize your operations in the very direction determined by you. This will help you make the most of the available resources and gain maximum profit out of it.

#2: Create premium app for all

Build premium native apps

Your app building approach should be such that it covers maximum people and attracts legit traffic towards the app.

For example, you can incorporate multiple preferences, content ideas, etc. You can also target both Android and iOS users of varied locations, languages, etc.

#3: Enhance visuals and performance

Focus on good performance

It is a well-known fact that graphics and performance play a very significant role in the world of gaming. Therefore, focus highly on enhancing these aspects of your app.

Your app should reflect the same energy and vigor that is carried by your game loving audience. So, keep the app feed interactive and engaging.

#4: Integrate tempting features

Integrate tempting features

Your blogging app should be the perfect reading tool and come with features like bookmarking, offline download, social sharing, etc.

You can also think beyond the vanilla features of a reading app and integrate a range of functionalities. Integrate social media pages and offer a mix of everything desirable to your readers.

#5: Interact and communicate regularly

Communicate with readers regularly

Interact with your consumers on a regular basis and keep their interaction rate amped up. Build a strong social media followership and harness it.

You can also use in-app feed, feedback portal and push notifications to communicate with your readers and inform them about new updates, offers, deals, events, etc.

#6: Ensure scalability and dynamism

Create a dynamic and scalable app

The app must be dynamic and have an interactive appeal. It should also be scalable and support the growth of your brand niche and readership.

For instance, you should be able to sell products, merchandize and other commodities, and expand the arena of your brand. This will also bring in more popularity and revenue.

#7: Set new goals and upgrade

Set new business goals

Constantly aim for higher downloads, more engagements and better visibility and rank high on the app stores. Set new milestones for your app and achieve them.

Go for App Store Optimization and ensure better presence of your brand in the app industry. You can also resort to various marketing and branding techniques for better exposure.

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#8: Connect gaming tribes

connect gaming tribes

Enable the gaming tribes to seek and interact with each other using your app. Allow in-app connections of gaming freaks from around the world.
You can create separate groups or forums for different tribes and gaming cults. This will give a boost to your communication and branding efforts as well.

Level up your brand presence with an app!

Level up your brand presence with an app!

The gaming industry is dominant of millennials and Generation Z and they spend most of their time on smartphones. Clearly, the best and most profitable of your audience prefers easily accessible apps.

Therefore, creating an app for your blogs is not just beneficial, but mandatory. It is a futuristic investment that can keep you ahead in the competition and ensure perpetual growth.

Evidently, to unlock this achievement and milestone for your brand, you must make your own app. It is highly achievable and becomes even more effortless with AppMySite.

All you need, is to sign up for this affordable yet intuitive app builder and embark on your journey. Continue to create, customize and publish your app for Android and iOS users and become the next big thing in the gaming industry! Get going now!

Boost customer retention and increase clientele with a beauty salon mobile app

Boost customer retention and increase clientele with a beauty salon mobile app

If you are running a beauty salon or a barber shop, you’ve got to break the pattern and get on board with the newest marketing trends.

Whether you have a barber shop with just one chair, a beauty salon with 20 employees, or anything in between, it is time for you to find new ways to expand your business.

A mobile app is an excellent solution to boost customer retention and increase clientele. In fact, it does not matter if you are a new business or an old one. However, if you create a mobile app for your beauty salon, it will make a huge difference.

While older businesses are resistant to change, new beauty salons are hesitant to make a mobile app because they have invested exorbitant money in set-up and do not want to incur more costs further.

Without a steady clientele, it is difficult to keep your appointment books full. A beauty salon app comes to rescue when you don’t have a long list of clients.

In this post, we will discuss how a mobile app can do wonders for your cosmetology business. Let’s get started:

1. Scheduling appointments just got easier

scheduling appointments

Most salons book appointment over phone calls or while the customers are in the store. Some of the salons hire resources to attend to clients over the phone.

A mobile app can be a savior in situations like these. You can easily allow your customers to set up their appointments through your app. That way, you can save time, money, and effort when you are not answering the phone or paying someone to do that.

Going mobile not only helps increase revenue but decrease costs too. In turn, it ultimately leads to a profitable and timely return on your investment.

You can even have a built-in calendar feature. This calendar feature can enable your users to see your schedule of the day or week. With such transparency, they can easily book an appointment from their mobile devices.

2. Increase customer loyalty

customer loyalty program

Creating a customer loyalty program within your app can help track how much your customers are spending per visit. This way, you can offer loyalty rewards based on a spending threshold. This strategy will enable you to reward your high-spending customers.

For example, a customer who visits for a quick haircut should not be getting the same rewards as a customer who wants a haircut, color, facial, and manicure.

Customers are likely to participate in loyalty programs that let them save money and receive rewards.

Salons with loyalty programs have an 82 percent greater chance of getting more customers. Moreover, 59 percent of people say that a mobile app is a more desirable solution for a loyalty program.

Nearly 57 percent of consumers stated that a loyalty program with VIP benefits increases their chances of participating.

If you give your customers an incentive, they are more likely to come back for more. For instance, when customers hit a certain milestone, you can allow them to use their reward directly from the app.

Additionally, it can be the biggest reason to let them spend more money each time they visit the salon. It is because spending the extra money gets them closer to a reward.

You can even set up a customer referral program within your app to increase customer loyalty. With this program, if a current customer refers to a friend or family member, they will both get some discount.

If, for example, you give your customers a direct discount, they are more likely to make a referral. Therefore, providing such services will lead to more customers as well as profits to the shop or salon.

3. Stay in touch with your customers

stay connected

Some customers probably visit you every couple of weeks, while others maybe once a month or every few months, or a few times per year.

While you may think about them all day, it is very easy for your customers to forget about you. They could end up going to one of your competitors, as well. However, creating a loyalty program can increase the chances of retaining those customers.

Sending push notifications helps in staying in touch with your customers, even when they are not in the shop or salon.

You can even use your app to showcase what you are doing, like upload pictures and videos of new haircuts or styles.

Videos can also be a great opportunity for you to upsell your products like shampoo, gel, pomades, razors, lotion, and more.

With such activities, you can reinstate your brand value in the eyes of your customers.

4. Set up mobile app payments

mobile app payment

Gone are the days when cash was the only payment method while visiting a barber shop or a salon.

Today, people don’t like to carry as much as they did before. If you are not accepting credit cards and other electronic payment options, you will have to struggle to maintain a sustainable business model.

46% of people say that they pay cash after the service, less than eight times every month.

If your barber shop or beauty salon has a mobile app, your customers will not have to worry about carrying cash, or their credit cards for making payment.

If you have a mobile app, you can easily allow your customers to store their credit card information on your mobile app and pay from within the app.

Moreover, mobile apps have the capacity to facilitate payment acceptance from all major credit cards, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, Stripe, Google Play, and more.

You can even track your customers’ purchase history if they are paying using your app. The customer data you collect using your mobile app can easily be used to reward your customer

5. Associate your app with other mobile marketing tactics

mobile app marketing

Integrating your app with social media log-ins, like Google and Facebook, makes your mobile app more accessible for app users.

Besides social media log in, you can also use your app as a way to drive traffic to your website and social pages. Uploading pictures and videos of what you are doing, what is new and what is coming up on your social media channels, helps increase downloads for your mobile app. These mobile marketing tactics will work hand-in-hand with each other.

Concluding thoughts

Creating a mobile app for a beauty salon makes daily operations more efficient.

Instead of doing tedious tasks that your app can handle, such as scheduling appointments, you will be able to spend more time working in the salon.

By following these guidelines, you will not have to worry about having an empty appointment book anymore. If you already have a website, you can consider converting your website into a native app with us.

Why launching a gaming mobile app is an intelligent move?

Why launching a gaming mobile app is an intelligent move?

Mobile gaming has seen an exponential growth in the recent years. Games like Clash of Clans, PUBG, Candy Crush and so many more, have brought in a revolution in the mobile gaming industry.

Mobile gaming has observed growth in leaps and bounds and has garnered many eyeballs across the globe. This industry is now being heavily funded by giants which further validates that mobile gaming is the next big thing!

Mobile app gaming is multi-billion global business

growth in mobile gaming

The global mobile gaming app industry market already touched the $152 billion valuation in 2019 and is expected to reach $166 billion in 2020.

Mobile games revenues are already holding a market share of 57% in 2020 with a 25% share of console games and 24% PC games.

This industry is already the biggest shareholder in the gaming industry and these stats are only expected to grow in the coming future.

This makes launching a mobile app for your game, or a mobile version of your console game a very intelligent decision for the overall growth and revenue for your gaming studio.

Other monetizable avenues

This growth has brought upon many opportunities for businesses, especially online businesses to bloom. This along with the rapid growth in the mobile app market brings forth unique opportunities.

There are many blogs and news websites that cover this niche market can capitalize on this opportunity by converting their WordPress gaming blogs into a mobile app.

Even the online stores that sell games, gaming consoles and related accessories can also leverage this opportunity to scale their business by launching a WooCommerce mobile app for their brand. The same applies for similar online gaming shops built with Shopify. These businesses can create an app for their Shopify store and benefit the same way.

Some of the many ways how game studios can monetize their mobile games

  • Organizing game competition and events
  • In-app advertisements
  • In-app purchases
  • Premium versions
  • Rewarded video
  • Offer Walls

Are mobile games killing the demand for PC games?

mobile gaming vs PC games, Playstation & Xbox

The answer is both yes and no. While mobile app gaming is seeing a major surge in its market, the PC and other platform games are also growing.

While the stats do show us that mobile gaming has acquired more than 50% of the market, but since the growth is being experienced by the complete gaming industry, the market of the PC and other platforms will also grow.

In other words, while mobile app gaming takes up the biggest piece of the pie, but the size of the pie is also growing at a rapid scale.

There will certainly be many new advancements in the PC and platform games, especially with the upcoming launch of the most awaited PlayStation 5.

Upcoming Trends in Mobile Gaming

trends in mobile gaming

This decade will see many ground-breaking revolutions in mobile app gaming and will prove to be a game-changer in the industry.

Let us explore some of them below.

Augmented Reality

In 2018 Google launched their ARCore platform, that helps build, launch and play Augmented Reality-powered mobile apps on Android.

On the other hand, Apple is all set to launch the ARKit, the biggest AR platform in the world.

This only means that building and launching AR games on mobile apps has never been easier. This will result in more and more AR games on mobile platforms in the near future.

Pokémon GO is one such Augmented Reality mobile game that went viral on its launch and has set a benchmark in its niche.

Cross-Platform Gaming

You can see many games launching their games on multiple platforms. And this is resulting in massive growths of their market, especially for the games coming from PC and platforms to mobile.

Since the mobile gaming market is the biggest, this will bring in more and more popular games to the mobile platforms.

More Hyper Casual Games

Hyper casual games have seen extreme popularity across the globe in all age groups. These are games like Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Ludo king, and many more.

2020 will see many more hyper-casual games release on the app stores. With new and improved storylines and gameplays.

Hyper casual games are lightweight and easily accepted by all demographics, which is why they have a higher likelihood of virality and popularity.

Blockchain Games

Blockchain technology has transformed many industries and the gaming industry is no one of them. With Ubisoft, a French gaming giant famous for gaming franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, adopting blockchain, many more studios are set to follow suit.

Blockchain in video games simply implies that it’ll support issuing and transacting cryptocurrencies within the game itself.

This introduces a game token, which is a single currency that is used for trading any items with the game. While we have not seen major mobile games with blockchain technology but it is most likely that we will in the near future.


Finally, the biggest revolution of them all, the 5G technology. 5G has been long-awaited and is finally set to arrive in the market in 2020.

With the enhanced download and upload speeds and better connectivity, people will be able to play even high-end games on their mobile phones easily.

This will not only improve the gameplays but will also bring in more new players into the market and will result in the overall growth of the industry.

Some benefits of mobile gaming for gamers

playing mobile games

Contrary to popular belief, the advantages of playing video games are immense and the gamers reap many benefits from it. Let us explore a few of the many benefits.

#1 – Convenience & Affordability

The thing with high-end games is that they are neither easily accessible nor are they affordable. There are multiple prerequisites to play a good quality game.

You need a high-performance computer system or a gaming console like the PlayStation or the Xbox connected to a TV or a monitor. Both of which require heavy investments.

On the other hand, mobile gaming is convenient and affordable simultaneously. You can play it anywhere and at any time.

Mostly all games on the mobile platforms are free to play, with some having in-app purchases. With technological advancements, especially in the domain of wireless internet, it has become very easy for anyone to play even online games and engage with other players in multiplayer modes.

#2 – Cognitive Skills

Playing games and sports improves many cognitive skills for humans and the same is applicable to mobile games as well.

Some of the many cognitive skills that mobile games help improve are listed below.

  • Hand-eye coordination 
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Effective communication and leadership skills
  • Creativity and many more

#3 – Community

The mobile gaming community is a very strongly knit community and has been on the rise since the emergence of many revolutionary mobile games like PUBG & Sky Force.

This community not only helps each other out with the gameplay but also in all other fronts, like creating clans, competition opportunities, monetization and much more.

#4 – Monetization

Mobile games are not only easily accessible by players but also have found a huge audience of viewers.

Video games have a cult following, just like sports and mobile games are no exception. Many people have made professional gaming their careers and are quite successful in it.

There are two types of gamers, one who is skilled and compete. Then the others are commentators, who stream their gameplays and their presentation skills get them the monetizable audience that they seek.

Some of the many ways for gamers to earn through mobile games are listed below.

  • Streaming, commentary, and reporting
  • Game competitions on regional, national and international levels
  • Affiliate marketing


To summarize, we discussed various aspects of mobile gaming and why it is a smart choice for any game studio to launch a mobile version for their game.

We also discussed some benefits of mobile gaming for your audience, which can be leveraged to your advantage.

To conclude, we would like to say that mobile app gaming is an up and coming industry and has immense potential for the growth of both studios, game designers and developers, and gamers alike.

Build a pet store mobile app to allure animal lovers

Build a pet store mobile app to allure animal lovers

The mobile industry is witnessing a revolutionary change as more people are turning to smartphone users. With millions of apps on the app store and billions of mobile phone users around the globe, mCommerce is slowly becoming the core driving force of success for businesses.

The pet industry is not alien to these changes and is rapidly aligning itself with the revolution. There are numerous apps dedicated to pet shopping, care, training and more. People are shopping for pet babies & pet care products, building pet parent communities, looking for pet training & veterinary services, and doing so much more online.

Clearly, this is the best time to get an app for your pet store. App building has become easier, affordable and more efficient with time. Whether it is WordPress or WooCommerce, you can easily convert your website into app with AppMySite.

Even if it is still a business idea or you already own a full-fledged pet store, you must venture into the mobile market. Attract the animal lovers and make them proud pet parents to boost conversions. Stay tuned and discover how you can build an amazing pet store app and decorate it with viable features.

Move ahead with a robust strategy

man walking a dog – app strategy

People nowadays, are having a secluded and busy lifestyle and they are finding resort in their pets. Animals have become much more than just ‘best friends’ for humans. They have become an integral part of their lives and are being raised like kids.

Pets are gradually turning into therapy and people around the globe are spending quite a lot of time and money on them. A survey cited that on average, millennial dog owners spend $1,285 a year on their pet, while cat owners spend $915 a year. There are a variety of things you can sell & endorse on your app and tap into this market.

Choose one or more things from the popular options below and curate your own multi-faceted pet shop:

  • Pet selling & adoption: Put up a store where you or other pet parents can sell or adopt pets. You can also give legal assistance regarding adoption.

  • Pet sitting or day-care: Connect people with pet sitters or day-care centres who can take care of pets for working pet-parents.

  • Pet products: Sell clothes, accessories, grooming kits, personal care products, organic toys, and more for pet animals.

Top five tricks for end-to-end perfection

If you proceed with a smart strategy, you can build a great app that will generate conversions and bring in revenue.

Go through the points discussed below and get incredible ideas:

Integrate favourable features

integrating app features

Your app should be of a premium quality and hook users. Look for a free online app maker tool that comes with a plethora of viable features and boosts your performance. It should help consumers in their journey and be intuitive enough to provide thorough assistance.

The features that can ensure absolute success are:

  • Standard UI/UX: Build native apps for Android & iOS users that are responsive and fast loading and use device resources for an easy and promising experience. Keep the interface simple but intuitive.

  • Compelling design & layout: Make the app aesthetically appealing with an amazing layout. Design the screens, landing page, icons, action buttons, tiles, banners, etc., such that it captures users’ attention and stands identical with your brand.

  • Smart-checkout: Be clear, coherent & concise about your checkout and delivery system. Allow people to manage their cart well, apply discounts and view taxes. Make their checkout process seamless & convenient.

  • Multiple payment options: Allow your customers to pay as they want by integrating a variety of payment options like COD, credit or debit cards, mobile wallets, and more.

Segregate canines & felines

separate categories for cats & dogs

It might interest you to know that the personality traits of people affect the choice of their animals. Although the world is majorly divided into ‘cat-people & dog-people’, there are a variety of animals that you can deal in. The in-app features and functionalities should also extend to a variety of things that help you incorporate all kinds of consumers. Help the users in meeting their shopping goals by defining everything clearly.

Keep the following points in mind as you curate your shop on app:

  • Layered navigation: The switch from one page or section to another should be smooth and seem like a cakewalk. Provide a frictionless app navigation experience and include ample sorting tools. Help animal lovers find animals of their choice but also try to cross-sell & up-sell by tracking their pattern.

  • Category tiles & filters: Design informative and attractive category tiles and let people choose from a variety of options like dogs, cats, birds, fishes, etc. Use simple tools for searching and filtering. Allow categorization and sorting based on species, breed, care-instructions, age and other factors pertaining to animals.

  • Description & attributes: Include concise and clear descriptions about each pet. Post good pictures and give their birth and breeding details, medication details, vaccination details, and other information. Allow existing buyers or sellers to drop their views about their experience. It will help new consumers in taking quick buying decisions.

Make it socially appealing

 socially appealing pet store app

As the society is converging on our palmtops, it is important for apps to have a social appeal. People are becoming more aware towards animals and look for platforms that show genuine interest in the welfare of animals. People are also creating dedicated communities & profiles for their pets. Especially Instagram is flooded with pet pictures and videos.

You can harness this potential in a number of ways. Take ideas from the options discussed below:

  • Pet-parent communities: Build interactive communities on apps for pet-parents to converse with each other and share ideas, tips, & more.

  • Pet matching & dating: Interestingly, besides finding dating partners for themselves, people also look for companionship for their pets on apps and you can provide one.

  • Social media groups: Create social media groups, pages and channels where animal lovers, pet-parents and concerned businesses can interact with each other. Promote products, share compelling stories, tell animal tales, and more, using images, posts, videos, etc.

Build a sensitive community

animal lovers’ community

Dealing with animals is a sensitive issue and your app should convey that you are doing it sensibly. It should act as a catalyst in building an entrusted bond between you and your consumers who are animal lovers. Think beyond business and monetary gains and focus on creating a community for collective animal welfare. Show that you care for your animals and motivate people to do the same.

You can achieve this in a number of ways, as discussed below:

  • Stray animal adoption & care: Many people are opting to adopt stray animals rather than buying. You can have an open platform on your app for the same. Your compassionate business can win the belief of animal lovers and make them loyal towards you.

  • Vet care recommendations: Offer suggestions, raising & caring tips through blogs, video tutorials, or more. You can also provide information or assistance on veterinary services nearby. It will boost app traffic and conversions.

  • Authenticity certificates: Post details about every animal on board and include health and other certificates from their breeders, former parents or sellers. Be transparent in you approach and also give ‘care-instructions’ for each.

Promote and publicize it well

promote pet store app

Once you have created your app and launched it, you can proceed to work towards popularizing it. Ensure good number of initial downloads by optimizing and publicizing your app.

You can opt for a number of methods as listed below:

  • ASO: Go for App Store Optimization to enhance the ranking & visibility of your app on the app stores. Also, define it well on the stores with compelling description, screenshots, videos, etc.

  • A/B testing: You can conduct testing of your app in initial days and see what people like. Get their feedback on the theme, layout, features & functionalities and update as necessary.

  • Push notifications: Get an app builder with backend push notification management dashboard feature. Communicate with your targeted consumers and tell them about new updates, offers, discounts, and more.

  • Install ad campaigns: Use social media and other platforms to the fullest to promote your app. You can run install ad campaigns & advertisements to compel animal lovers to try your pet store app.

  • Others: There are many other options available to boost branding & marketing and fetch downloads for your app. Use these tools to attract new consumers and retain the existing ones.

Encourage people to use and review your app. You can also incentivize them for referring your app in their circle. Analyze the feedback of your promotional campaigns and the performance of your app and reinvent your business goals.

Tap into the mobile market now!

pet store app in mobile market 

As the awareness towards animals is growing, the pet market is also set to rise like never before. Technology is shaping ways in which people bought and raised their pets. People are using apps to adopt, purchase and monitor their pets and also to shop products for their dear babies.

As mobile industry is taking pace and apps are becoming more efficient with the integration of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Cloud technology, people are using them in many ways for pet nurture and care.

Hence, this is the best time to get an app and leverage your pet store business. All you need to do is to sign up for AppMySite WooCommerce mobile app builder and start building your app. You can proceed to personalize the layout and integrate features of your choice.

Make it more appealing using the free image library and add-on tools. Upgrade to publish & launch it on your preferred app stores. Get going without much ado and steer your pet business to infinite success.


Get a chic Home Décor app to captivate your customers

Get a chic Home Décor app to captivate your customers

Building and designing homes requires art and affection. If you own an online store that sells home décor products or assists people in redesigning their dwelling place, you are contributing to the beauty of their surroundings as a whole.

As the quality of living is enhancing worldwide, more and more people are looking for wholesome solutions to decorate their nest. Whether you sell artefacts, furniture, lamp shades, figurines or even gardening articles, you are making someone’s home a prettier place, and your unique business is surely meant to go a long way.

However, for any business to flourish, it is important for the owners to evolve and adapt to the changes around them. For instance, the rapid change in technology and the explosion of mobile phones is bound to affect the home designing industry as well.

It is high time that you make use of the resources at your disposal and evolve from eCommerce to mCommerce. You must make your own app for your home décor store and tap into the mobile market. However, before you proceed, read further and get a detailed insight of the most fruitful approach and techniques for absolute success.

Relevance of mCommerce in Home Décor business

mCommerce in Home Décor business 

Home Décor store is a unique fusion of art and business and you can cater to a wide range of people by offering a plethora of options. You can sell your products to interior decorators, art directors and even to people who want to rejuvenate their house or just wish to gift something ornamental to their acquaintances. However, it is necessary to move ahead with the right approach to attain maximum success.

If you talk about the relevance of app technology, it is proven to widen the scope of any business. While a website helps in marking your online presence, mobile apps promote multifaceted growth.

The number of ways in which apps can benefit the home décor industry have been listed & discussed below:

1. Offer convenience to consumers:

Elegant apps with user-friendly layout tempt people to buy more. The constantly increasing number of mobile users and apps on the app stores testifies the fact that the future belongs to apps. Having an app with viable features will make your customers feel valued as they will have more options to connect with you.

The revenue and traffic share of mobile phones is constantly increasing as apps are more convenient to use. Offer this luxury to your users and give them an outlet like experience as they shop remotely at their own convenience.

2. Get 360-degree exposure globally:

Be it information, eCommerce, games, entertainment or utilities, apps have taken a lead over websites in every domain in recent years. Studies state that people scroll, shop and spend more on apps and the numbers will continue to grow in the coming years. Apps have become a paramount necessity as the access of web services is increasing through mobile phones.

It is high time that you ensure your presence in the league as people are downloading and using multiple apps on a daily basis. Complementing your website with an app will help you in getting roundabout exposure and also drive sales.

3. Tap into the millennial market:

Millennials are currently the treasure source for every business as they are largest consumers of most of the products today. Brands are harnessing this potential and tapping into the millennial market to endorse their products amongst them. It is noteworthy that the numbers depicting the year-wise mobile based consumption of web by millennials are on a constant growth trajectory.

It is important to lay emphasis on this age group as they drive sales and spend the most. You can stimulate their impulsive buying decisions with your creativity. Lay special emphasis on this age group and curate special product ensemble, offers, discounts and more, specifically for them.

4. Ensure maximum conversions:

Apps ensure better conversion and retention rates than websites. Unlike websites, people don’t just buy and forget you never to return back again. Identify the importance of this factor and harness it to the fullest. Offer a frictionless app experience to your users and focus on implementing revenue-based marketing techniques.

Design a compelling app icon and aid your app with screenshots, video tours, and more to hook your readers as they scroll for home décor apps on various app stores. Integrating a strong call to action can increase conversions in ways you cannot even think of. Befriend technology and learn from your competitors and see what is working well from them. Innovate your own strategies accordingly.

5. Enhance brand value & recognition:

Apps add more value-based identity to businesses and enhance brand recognition. An app once installed in the users’ phone keeps reminding them of your brand and products. The app icon becomes a permanent signature of your brand. If your app is in complete sync with your website, it also boosts brand recall value. Hence, focus on the visual symbols and tonality of the app and enhance it.

Also track the scope of your brand and the activity patterns of your existing consumers. It will help you in finding out the peak points of your app that your customers best relate with. Find this USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that makes you stand out among your competitors and market it well.

Ensure premium features that promote growth

premium décor app features for growth

Home décor business varies from other industries in a number of ways. Therefore, in order to stand out amidst your competitors, you must have a different approach as you build your app.

Few points & features that you must keep in mind are:

1. Display the elegance with design & layout

Your app is an image of your brand. Ensure that you design it well and integrate premium features. Design alluring app icon that compels people to open the app. Shoppers who hunt for products on websites make their buying decisions based on product pictures.

Hence, focus on making your app aesthetically appealing with ample product photos combined with product descriptions, product variations, reviews and ratings, and more. Also take care of the screenshots and videos endorsed on the app stores and social media platforms.

2. Ensure smart interface & layered navigation

Your app should be likeable and fully functional on all devices. The interface should be user friendly and offer great experience. Make the navigation easy and smooth. Keep the overall theme coherent as you design the landing pages, category tiles, app screens, menu bar, and more.

The app should be in complete sync with your website and the information should get populated automatically. An offline access feature can further increase its potential.

3. Help customers meet their shopping goals

Your app should be brainy enough to guide your customers and help them meet their shopping goals. In order to achieve this, you must ensure that the sorting, filtering and searching tools of your app are intuitive. It will not only elevate the experience of your customers but also help you to track their purchase activity that will eventually aid in up selling and cross selling.

You can also add little catalogues, booklets, video tours, designing samples, product videos, and more to give them a much realistic experience of your products before buying them.

4. Communicate better with friendly tools

Focus on enhancing the communication with your customers as it is the key to success for any business in today’s world. Offering personalized attention by the use of various communication tools can work wonders in enhancing your business-consumer relationship. A little hello once in a while can boost your brand recall-value, unlock new buyers, retain existing customers and bring back lost ones.

For instance, you can use push notifications to interact with them. Send them deals, offers, interior designing tips, Vaastu tips, décor tips, anniversary wishes and discounts, trend updates, & more. You can also partner with celebrities and take help of influencer marketing to build social proof.

5. Ease with intuitive cart & seamless checkout

Shopping on your app should be a breeze for your users. The cart should be really dynamic and capable enough to hold countless products. Make the check-out process smooth by allowing customers to change delivery address, retrieve parked orders, apply promo codes, make changes in the cart, avail discounts, view taxes and invoice, and more, as they checkout.

Customers should also be allowed to choose from a variety of payment gateways and multiple options like debit card, credit card, mobile wallet, cash on delivery, and more. The end-to-end shopping experience should tempt people to buy more and motivate them to keep returning back.

Build an app and market it well

Create an app

Step 1: Build your app

App building is not a mind-numbing task anymore. You can ditch the traditional methods where you need to hire experts, technicians, designers, spend extravagantly and yet wait for long to get your app. Create it with an app maker online in an affordable budget and lesser time.

You can simply log into AppMySite and easily create your app in a few steps. Just enter your credentials, design the customized layout of your app and provide basic information to submit it to the relevant app stores (Google Play Store &/or Apple App Store). That’s it!

Step 2: Enhance with Addons

You can make your app more viable and dynamic in a number of ways. For instance, there are DIY app maker tools like AppMySite that come with many additional features, other than necessary app functions. These features can be important from both functionalities, or marketing point of view.

The addons can vary to a range of utilities like free Payment Gateway Integration, Social Media Integration, Push Notifications dashboard, etc. It can extend to White labelling for brand exclusivity, App Store Optimization assistance for better ranking, Multilingual App for wider coverage, Content Marketing support for enhanced visibility, and more.

Step 3: Publish & Publicize

Once you have built your full-fledged app, go ahead and publish it on the app stores. By the time it gets live, you can get back to prepping up for your marketing & launch strategy. It is great if you have built a hype around your app before its launch but don’t just stop there. Make efforts of getting better ranking & visibility on app stores.

Draft a smart plan to earn a good number of initial downloads. Continue to promote your app using various marketing techniques like Social Media Marketing, Media Promotions, Media Advertisements, Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing, SMS Marketing, Push Notifications, Install Ad Campaigns, Influencer Marketing, and more.

Skyrocket your business now!

Scale to success with app

There are more than five billion mobile phone owners in the world and this number is only expected to increase in the coming years. It is not just online fashion, clothing or convenience stores that are doing well online. People are bringing any and every product they sell, to apps to reach a wider market.

Selling, buying and renting home décor items on apps is also gaining popularity and even small businesses are doing wonders. Though the competition is increasing, there is ample scope of success for your store as well. All you need, is to implement the tips listed above and fuse the ideas with your very own creativity.

Stretch your marketing goals and achieve them with an efficient app. Put up your own mobile store with home décor products and combine it with a robust marketing strategy. Penetrate into the mobile market and mark your own territory.

Spread more happiness and elegance with your exotic range of products and help people beautify their homes in a smarter way. Contact AppMySite WooCommerce mobile app builder and create an app that steers you to success. Get going folks! May the force of technology be with you!

Complement your online jewellery store with a WooCommerce mobile app

Complement your online jewellery store with a WooCommerce mobile app

The rapid technological revolutions are posing new challenges and unlocking new opportunities for businesses. Every industry, small, medium or big, is aligning its business practices with the changing technology. The advent and evolution of mobile apps, is one such change that is influencing all markets across the globe.

The fascinating jewellery industry is not alien to these changes. This billion-dollar industry has also evolved and branched out, thereby adapting to the technological advancements. The jewellery market is achieving new dynamics, as apart from selling on websites, store owners are also tapping into the mobile market.

The easy and affordable availability of simple WooCommerce app builder tools like AppMySite, has brought mCommerce within the reach of every business. Read further and find out how you can elevate your jewellery business by complimenting your online store with a mobile app.

Mobile apps are the future of your business

online jewellery store 

It won’t be an exaggeration to state that the markets will confine on our palm tops and people will only shop on apps in near future. As a business owner, it is both smart and profitable for you, to be future-ready.

By doing so, you will not only be able to tell your consumers that you are ahead of your competitors, but also offer them more ease and convenience. Turning your website into an app, can help you in ways you can’t even presume.

To introduce you to the wonders of the technology, we have summed up the major benefits of mobile apps, and listed it below. Before you discover the process of creating a unique app for your store, get well versed with the profits.

Few of the most fascinating advantages of having a mobile app for your business are as discussed below:

Mobile apps can outperform websites:

The outgrowing number of Android & iOS apps on the app store is a proof of the fact that the future of mCommerce is strong and highly promising. A business can maximise its potential by complementing its online store with an app.

An app outperforms websites in many ways. For a better understanding, we have listed the prime benefits as follows:

  • Ease & Convenience: Apps offer more ease and convenience to shoppers. As a result of this effortless accessibility, people spend more time and money on apps and keep returning too.
  • Consumer Loyalty: Unlike websites, people don’t just buy and then forget your brand never to return again on apps. In fact, apps ensure better conversion and retention rates.
  • Higher Profits: Elegant apps with user-friendly layout tempt people to buy more. Eventually, the loyal buying behaviour increases the basket size and boosts revenues.
  • Better Recall Value: Apps add value to business and enhance brand recognition. Your app icon flashes every time your users open their phones, thereby building brand recall value.

App technology can expand your reach:

App aids business growth

Studies show that over two million people shop for jewelry every day. By aiding your business with an app, you will be able to allure a large number of potential buyers who are both tech savvy and fans of exquisite jewelry.

Businesses can reach more people by harnessing the technological benefits of mobile apps. Some of those beneficial factors are:

  • Power of AI & AR: Apps have become more responsive and capable with the infusion Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. There are apps that are allowing consumers to virtually design their own jewelry and test it. It is a great example of what this technology can do to promote your success and expand your reach.
  • Online wallets: Jewellery is no peanuts and people think twice before paying the hefty amount for it. With multiple payment options present online, security and safety become the primary concerns of buyers. Safer and more secure payment gateways and online wallets are facilitating payments worldwide.
  • Virtual Management: Apps are easily manageable and can almost become a virtual business unit and market place. The smart technology makes it easy for you to manage your online business and reach many potential shoppers.

Branding & marketing is easier with mobile apps:

Apps are a great tool for managing your marketing related activities. You can elevate your branding and publicity practices with a fully functional app.

In the marketing sphere, apps can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Enhance Communication: An interactive app can help in enhancing communication with your users. It can help you in engaging better with your consumers.
  • Support Content Marketing: An app builder that comes with in-built content marketing support is a boon. You can easily optimize your settings, send push notifications and offer blog-based information to your users with an intuitive app.
  • Aid Performance Analysis: Monitoring the ratings, reviews, feedback, purchase pattern and more, can help you in getting an insight into your strengths and weaknesses. It can also help you in improving your performance and determining new marketing goals.

Devise the best strategy for absolute success

Successful business strategy

It is evident, that having an app for your jewellery business can amplify your growth. However, just converting your WooCommerce jewellery store into an app is not enough. It is important to proceed with the right strategy to make the most of this technology.

In order to do so, you can consider the factors and tips enlisted below:

  • Get Creative: More than just an ornamental accessory, jewellery is the statement of one’s personality and status. Thus, think beyond Carat, Color, Clarity & Cut and include Creativity in your approach. Break the traditional barriers and create your own niche & signature.
  • Personalize the Experience: Segregate your customer-base & products and strategize accordingly. Daily use jewellery should be sold differently from the ones meant for special occasions. Similarly, offer customised experience to different consumers based on their age, gender, social background and more.
  • Ensure Value for Money: Win the trust of people before making them invest in your brand. You can justify the dearness of niche products by giving examples of implementation of ‘Fair Trade Policy’. People can pay more if they know that they are spending it on something good.
  • Be Authentic: Security & value for money is sought greatly by jewellery shoppers. Provide ample proof of authenticity of products and security of payment gateways to satisfy your buyers. Remember, transparency boosts business-consumer relationships.
  • Provide information: Jewelry price is often subject to market fluctuation. Send alerts to users about price drops, sales, new arrivals, discounts and more. Also, be clear about your shipping, return & refund policies. Besides offering great products, also offer thorough information about the product.
  • Use Visual Aid: People buy what they see. Make your app aesthetically appealing with product pictures. You can also partner with celebrities and take help of influencer marketing to build social proof for your brand. This will help you in roping in new and potential customers.

Spend wisely, build smartly

Build native app affordably

A great app can expand your abilities as a business. Many jewellery store owners are already surging on success by going that extra mile.

However, to make the most of the opportunities, you must utilize all your resources smartly. To strengthen your ROI (Return On Investment), you can take help from the strategies discussed below.

Create app with a DIY app builder:

In this modern day and age, spending huge amount on hiring technicians is not a very smart decision. Instead, go for AppMySite’s native mobile app builder and create your own app without coding. It is affordable and convenient and a smarter alternative.

You can start building the app immediately after signing up. Designing and personalizing the app is really easy. Once you are done, you can also preview and test your app on a real device before publishing it. You can sit back and relax once the app is submitted to the app store for approval.

Plan a strong launch strategy:

Good app launch strategy

You must have a strong pre-launch and post-launch strategy to get a good number of downloads for your app. You can announce your app’s arrival on your website and your social media platforms. Build a hype by promoting your app even before it is launched and hook your existing users.

Use various marketing techniques to publicize your app. Continue sharing it on social media and reward people for referring your app. You can also invite your entrusted customers to be a part of the A/B testing process. This will help in knowing what your consumers want and thereby enhance the functionality of your app.

Upgrade and optimize your app:

Keep addressing the reviews and feedbacks that you receive for your app. Carefully analyze the comments and ratings and make changes to your brand and your app accordingly. Do not forget to keep your app features & your products up to date and in line with the trends.

You can also opt for a White Labelled app solution to achieve brand exclusivity and add the appeal of luxury and class. The app is a representation of your brand, so design and define it well.

Outshine your competitors now

Stand out with AppMySite mobile app builder

Building an app is not a Herculean task anymore. As discussed above, you can easily create an app with AppMySite WooCommerce mobile app builder that comes with all the essential features and ample tips. 

Now that you have all the necessary information and tools, there is no need to wait anymore. Go ahead and cease the opportunity now. Get in touch with us and build a premium jewellery app in no time.

Venture into mCommerce with a bang and outshine your competitors for absolute success. Good luck!

Build an app with AppMySite!

Level up your online game with AppMySite. Get a mobile app that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Build an app with AppMySite!

Level up your online game with AppMySite. Get a mobile app that will keep your customers coming back for more.